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Zoe White was an old friend of Gemma Winter who called in at Prima Doner with Roxy Ward in August 2017. Keen to impress the girls, Gemma offered out free kebabs and said that they could go round to her flat to hang out.

Gemma let the girls have access to all of her flatmate Rita Tanner's alcohol and the trio disturbed customers in The Kabin by playing loud music. When Rita went up to see Gemma, she was angry to find the girls drinking and asked Zoe and Roxy to leave.

Zoe and Roxy mocked Rita when she began stuttering and deliberately broke a bowl that Emily Bishop had given her. When Gemma said that she'd be in touch soon, Zoe and Roxy made it clear that they didn't want to hang out with her anymore and called her a "saddo".

While in the flat, Roxy took a picture of the alarm code for The Kabin and the two girls returned later in the day in order to steal sweets. The girls were surprised to find that Rita hadn't locked the door and ran off with several jars of sweets. Although Rita initially suspected Gemma of being behind the robbery, she was later cleared when Rita realised she hadn't locked the door.

Zoe was next seen at Roy's Rolls where she called Gemma a grass and told her to watch her back after the police accused her of being behind the robbery. Zoe also saw Shona Ramsey win £6,000 on a scratchcard and phoned Macca to inform him that she'd come into money.

Zoe and Roxy got revenge on Gemma by setting up a fake dating website profile pretending to be her. Throughout the day, several men called in at the kebab shop and were disappointed to find that Gemma wasn't as glamorous as she claimed to be.

Zoe and Roxy met up with Gemma and Rosie Webster at the Rovers later that day. Rosie pretended to be Gemma's lawyer and warned the girls that they could be charged for four different offences. Although the girls denied knowledge and said there was no proof, Rosie told them that they could do an IP search to prove it was them. Rosie warned them if they didn't stay away, they would likely end up in jail following their previous offences. The girls apologised and promised they wouldn't come near Gemma again.

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