Zoe Tattersall was the young mother of Shannon Tattersall.

Turning up at 9 Coronation Street in July 1997, Zoe attempted to persuade Gary and Judy Mallett to adopt her daughter after she was abandoned by her partner Liam Shepherd. Despite originally having reservations, the couple later agreed to buy the baby and named her Katie. However, not long after Zoe began living across the street from the Malletts at 4 Coronation Street having started a relationship with Ashley Peacock. Living opposite her daughter, Zoe was unable to cope with the lack of contact and eventually took her back in December - renaming her Shannon.

In April 1998, Shannon passed away from meningitis and as a result Zoe suffered a mental breakdown and was later sectioned. When she was released from hospital she returned to live with Ashley, but soon befriended a couple; Ben Andrews and Ruth Morgan, who introduced her to the Etheric Foundation - which was in fact the religious "Cult of Nirab". The cult began to take advantage of Zoe's grief and forced her to believe that theirs was the road to salvation. Although Ashley attempted to help Zoe steer clear of the cult, he eventually realised the lengths to which she had been indoctrinated when she revealed her plan to have a baby for the Foundation.

In December 1998, Zoe left the street with the Foundation for a new life in America.


1981-1997: Tearaway teen and unwanted pregnancy

Born in September 1981, Zoe eventually grew tired of living in care and ran away to live on the streets with her troublemaker boyfriend Liam Shepherd. However, whilst living rough Zoe discovered that she was pregnant and, fearing that she wouldn't be able to give her child a better life than she'd had, began to think about abortion.

May 1997: Zoe and Liam Shepherd begin to cause trouble for Judy Mallett.

In May 1997, Zoe and Liam began to frequently visit the arcade where Judy Mallett worked. During their visits Judy became increasingly distressed by Liam's threatening behaviour and, upon his attempt to steal cash from the till, her husband Gary stepped in and warned Liam to leave his wife alone. Having been humiliated, Liam concocted a story that he had been assaulted by Gary and Zoe pretended to have been a witness. In order for him not report the incident to the police, Liam requested that Judy pay him £200 and she agreed to find the money - despite the fact that Gary had protested his innocence. Unable to find all of the money, Judy offered to pay £150 but Liam ordered another £100.

As a result of Liam's blackmail Judy considered stealing from the Rovers till but was caught by Samantha Failsworth and forced to confess the truth. Samantha advised Judy to go to the police but Judy ignored her and attempted to plead with Liam instead. At this point Zoe began to feel sorry for Judy, but Liam was left unfazed and continued to demand payment - leading Judy to confess everything to Gary, who assured her that he would deal with Liam once and for all. When Judy spotted Zoe hanging around at the arcades she accused Zoe of wanting money for drugs - which she viciously denied. After Judy lost her temper and slapped Zoe, she was left shocked when Zoe revealed that she was pregnant and planning to use the money for an abortion. Judy was devastated that her money was to be used in order to kill a child, as her and Gary had been trying in vain to have children, and was began to feel even worse when Gary chastised her for not believing he didn't attack Liam in the first place. The incident brought Gary and Judy closer and the pair agreed to have fertility tests.

July 1997: Zoe turned up at 9 Coronation Street to seek help from Judy Mallett.

She turned up on the Mallett's doorstep in July 1997, after being abandoned by Liam. Judy took her in - with thoughts of adopting the baby but Gary sent her to the Social Services. She later came to the arcade and Judy took her back in, agreeing to buy baby Katie for £2,000. Zoe began a relationship with Ashley Peacock and moved in with him at 4 Coronation Street along with Nick and Leanne Tilsley. She struggled with living opposite her daughter and eventually took her back, renaming her Shannon Jade. She was devastated when she lost Shannon to meningitis and whilst grieving she was recruited by a religious cult, the Etheric Foundation.

In early May 1998, Zoe went berserk and set fire to a pram outside 9 Coronation Street, much to the horror of Gary and Judy Mallett, who were living there at the time. She was taken by the police, who put her in a secure unit for a few days, so she could get better, and clear her head. While she was there, she hacked at her hair with a pair of scissors.

Once she was out, and back at Coronation Street, she went to Fiona Middleton to try and sort out the mess that she'd made of her hair. While Fiona was out, and with Maxine Heavey on the phone to Greg Kelly, she snatched Fiona's young son Morgan. Ashley, Leanne, and Gary went to look for her, and found her by a bridge carrying Morgan. Zoe gave in and handed over Morgan to a policeman. She then jumped into the water after she threatened to end her life. Gary jumped in to try and save her, and managed to drag her out of the water.

Zoe was taken to hospital, then handed over to the police. After a few weeks, she came back to the Street to see Ashley. She stayed with him until December, then despite his protestations, left Coronation Street for good to be with her religious friends in America.


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Both Jane Danson and Georgia Taylor auditioned for the role of "pregnant tearaway" Zoe before being cast as the Battersby sisters Leanne and Toyah. [1]

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"Leave it alone, Liam" (First line)


"Goodbye." (Final line, while hugging Ashley Peacock)

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