Yvonne Pendlebury married Victor Pendlebury in 1990. Victor was attracted to the shy, plain-looking Yvonne because of her resemblance to the love of his life, Mavis Wilton.

Victor met Yvonne when he moved to Darlington to open a plant for his paper recycling business, Pendlebury Paper Products, there. On their wedding day, they did it three times - in the eyes of the law, in church, and on the moors in the eyes of Yvonne's friends who were Yorkshire druids.

In December that year, Victor decided to take Yvonne to Weatherfield to meet Mavis and Derek Wilton, who managed the local PPP branch. Victor kept the news of his marriage as a surprise to the Wiltons until he introduced Yvonne to them at 4 Coronation Street. Mavis was so shocked at being introduced to Mrs. Pendlebury that she thought Yvonne was Victor's mother. The Wiltons quickly discovered that Yvonne's resemblance to Mavis went beyond looks - constantly flustered and dithering, she was called miss foot in mouth back home. Mavis disliked her, and was offended by the comparison, describing Yvonne as having as much personality as last week's lettuce and looks to match.

The next day, Victor took them out for a lunch at an expensive restaurant to get better acquainted with Yvonne. Unable to decide what to order, Yvonne asked Victor what kind of fish monk was, as she couldn't eat anything with an ugly face. With Victor's encouragement, Yvonne agreed to try it. Meanwhile, in an attempt to distance herself from her indecisive counterpart, Mavis ordered squid - the first time she'd ever had it. After the meal, Victor accused Derek of making it very obvious that he hated Yvonne, despite Derek not minding her.

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