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Yvonne Casey is the mother of Claire Peacock. Little is known about her, but during Claire's battle with postnatal depression, Yvonne admitted she had not been close enough to Claire as a child. She occasionally appeared to babysit Freddie and Joshua and to support Claire during marital crises with husband Ashley.

In September 2006, Claire began leaving home every day, telling Ashley that Yvonne had terminal cancer and needed her care. After several weeks, Yvonne showed up at Elliott & Son butchers shop, telling Ashley she'd been away learning yoga techniques. She was shocked to learn the lies Claire had told, and then worked with Ashley to help Claire recover from post-natal depression.

In 2007, Claire moved in with her following the arson attack which damaged the Peacocks house. She was shown to object to Claire's friendship with Casey Carswell. Claire then returned home.

Yvonne turned up again in October 2010 outlining her plans to move to France, asking Claire and Ashley whether they wanted to set up in business with her and her partner. Ashley was not keen on the idea, although came around to the idea shortly before his death in December. Claire and the children left Weatherfield heading for France a few weeks later, presumably to live with Yvonne.

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