The Young Boy and his friend were found by Fred Gee to be clambering all over Annie Walker's Rover when he went to collect it from Coppice Street, Wigan. The car had been lent, without Annie's knowledge, to bookmaker Sammy Chadwick as payment of an £85 debt that Fred owed to him. When Annie was returning from a few days away in Derbyshire with Olive Taylor-Brown, Fred was deperate to get it back from Sammy and his wife who had gone to Blackpool for an overnight stay in it. She dumped the keys on Fred, telling him where it had broken down and he employed the services of Brian Tilsley to collect and repair the vehicle. As they drew up to the abandoned Jaguar in Brian's van, a furious Fred chased the two boys and with a cry of "get lost, baldy", they scarped away from his wrath.

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