Yana Lumb was Cilla Battersby-Brown's best friend and in a way was usually involved in Cilla's scams and plots. Yana worked with Cilla in Wong's Chippy on Rosamund Street until its closure in 2007.

Yana ended up going on Cilla's honeymoon with her instead of Cilla's husband Les, who was in trouble with Cilla for trashing all the wedding presents at their reception.

Yana took pity on Les in late November 2006, when he revealed his suspicions of Cilla having an affair. Yana was shocked that Cilla wouldn't confide in her and felt sorry for a miserable Les. They became more and more attracted to each other and eventually couldn't resist each other. Yana engaged in an affair with Les and slept with him in the living room at No.5, only to be seen by Cilla's son, Chesney. Cilla soon found out about the affair and pretended that her earlier skin cancer diagnosis - which had been successfully treated - was terminal. She forced Yana and Les to sit in a bathtub of mushy peas on Christmas Eve to raise money for Cilla's holiday fund to Florida. Before she left, she revealed the truth.

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"If you've owt to say, spit it out before it flamin' well chokes yer"
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