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Xin Proctor (née Chiang) was a Chinese friend of Tina McIntyre and later the wife of Graeme Proctor. She trained as a mental health nurse but unless she could find RMN position, she would be deported back to China. Tina came up with an idea that if her boyfriend Graeme married Xin, she could get a visa and stay in Britain.

After spending some time planning a fake story to get the immigration authorities to believe it, they got married in a double wedding, alongside Graeme's friend David Platt and his fiancée Kylie Turner.

After discovering the marriage was a sham on the wedding day, Norris Cole told his friend Mary Taylor who reported Graeme and Xin to the immigration authorities. This resulted in Bob Stephenson interviewing the pair in a bid to find out whether or not it was a sham. However, they passed and Xin later got her visa.

Xin began to develop feelings for Graeme and took an interest in him, such as his cleaning job, even helping out which angered Tina. Xin then fell in love with Graeme and they slept together, which Graeme regretted, until he asked Xin to stay when she was supposed to be leaving. In the end he told Tina the truth and that he loved Xin. Tina threatened to report them both to the immigration and Gail McIntyre persuaded her not to. Graeme and Xin moved away and left Tina with a broken heart.

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