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Wythenshawe is a district in the City of Manchester, situated eight miles south of the city centre and around a mile north of Manchester Airport. It is arguably the largest council estate in Europe (outside London). Historically a part of Cheshire, it transferred into Manchester (and therefore Lancashire) in 1931 prior to the construction of the estate to deal with Manchester's overspill and to relieve pressure on the inner city slums. Building was interrupted by the Second World War but resumed thereafter. Development continued until the 1970s with the completion of the Civic Centre shops and Forum leisure facility.

Nicholas Cochrane (Andy McDonald) was born in Wythenshawe on 16th December 1973. In the summer of 1996, the indoor scenes of Freshco's were filmed in the Farmfoods store in the Civic Centre.

Location recording was conducted for the programme at "The Park" pub on Moorcroft Road in Wythenshawe in 2014 and 2015, doubling for The Dog & Gun.


Bookie Dave Smith had a call to make on a contact in Wythenshawe in April 1970 and drove Ken and Valerie Barlow to the airport on his way there in order that they could meet Hilda Ogden and Irma Barlow on their return from Australia following the death of David and Darren Barlow.

In May 1972, Rita Littlewood's common-law husband Harry Bates was working on a road construction site in the district (in reality, the building of the present-day M60 Manchester ring road in the Northenden part of the estate). Harry had thrown Rita out of their flat and Len Fairclough went to intercede on her behalf. The two men ended up fighting and Len, for once, was bested in the altercation.

In July 1996, Alec Gilroy hosted a talent night in the Rovers Return Inn and one of the contestants was Eric Warburton, billed as the "Wythenshawe Warbler", who belted out an over-the-top sweaty version of My Way.

In August 2013, Mandy Kamara moved to the estate when she decided her relationship with Lloyd Mullaney was going nowhere.

Rana Habeeb, a former university friend of Alya Nazir, was living in Wythenshawe when she once again made contact in February 2016.