After Vernon Tomlin had managed to persuade fiancée Liz McDonald to take the morning off and go out shopping, Rovers' staff Sean Tully and Violet Wilson were intrigued when a young Woman came into the pub looking for Vernon as soon as Liz had been ushered out of the door. A cagey Vernon invited her into the back room, telling Sean and Violet that they weren't to be disturbed.

Sean's attempts at eavesdropping proved futile, but he and Violet were under the impression that the pair were up to no good - their suspicions heightened when Vernon and the mysterious woman emerged some time later carrying boxes of out the pub, with Vernon stating that he could be away for a couple of hours.

The woman in fact had turned up to purchase Vernon's northern soul record collection and with the money he'd received, had been out to buy tickets to Paris as a surprise for Liz.

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