Wilmslow is a town in Cheshire. It has a population of over 30,000 people and is situated 11 miles south of Manchester. Part of the so-called "Golden Triangle", it is home to many millionaires and celebrities and is one of the most expensive places in the country to live outside of London.

Role in Coronation Street

In 1954, Rovers landlady Annie Walker decided it was time for her and her husband Jack to move on from the Rovers and leave Coronation Street. The Walkers visited several pubs in Wilmslow, and while Annie found the surroundings to her liking, believing she was among her own kind at last, her illusions were shattered when she discovered the residents viewed her as being just as common as Jack. Annie refused to live and work where she was looked down upon, so she and Jack abandoned the move and returned to the Rovers.

After winning £5,000 on the Premium Bonds, Frank Barlow sold his DIY shop and moved to Wilmslow in May 1964, living there until his death in the early-1970s.

In September 1965, Jack and Annie Walker enjoyed a night out at the Fox and Hounds pub. Hearing their favourable comments, Elsie Tanner went there herself and met the rich accountant Robert Maxwell who gave her a lift home. He died of a heart attack at the wheel of his car, crashing it and Elsie fled the scene although the police later caught up with her.

In September 1980 businessman Alan Skidmore took single mother Deirdre Langton out to a place near the town and he had to put on a brave face when she had no choice but to bring along her three-year old daughter Tracy with them.

Frank Foster considered buying a five-bedroomed house in the town for himself and Carla Connor in September 2011 but she was having second thoughts about their relationship and the purchase was never made.

In February 2013, conman Lewis Archer was spotted on CCTV cameras in the town making cash withdrawals from Link machines in the town using Gail McIntyre's stolen details before flying out to Belize on the proceeds.

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