Wiki Danowska arrived as a new employee of Carla Connor at Underworld and was recruited by Becky Granger to work the evening shift. It didn’t take long for Wiki's hard work to be rewarded and she was given a permanent job at the factory. As a Polish immigrant, she was paid less than other employees, and they became concerned that their pay would be affected by this. She was bullied by Joanne Jackson and Janice Battersby, but Hayley Cropper secured her equal pay from Liam Connor, when the staff went on strike after Sean Tully was sacked by Liam's brother Paul. She was the only member of staff to have seen fellow Pole Kasia Barowicz fall and die in the factory during an illegal overnight shift. Paul, Carla and Liam covered up Kasia's death until 8:00am the following morning, when the death would be covered by their insurance. Wiki went along with this idea, when Carla told her that if they didn't do this, Kasia's family would receive no compensation. Wiki had a son back home in Poland, aged twenty-one, and she was working at Underworld to support him. She started her own business, selling underwear that Kelly Crabtree was interested in. She left Weatherfield and returned to Poland to look after her mother, who had contracted pneumonia.

Actress Wanda went on maternity leave which led to her character departing. However, it was later revealed the character would not be returning to the show.

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"Hello everybody!" (First line)


"Thank- ou, Mr. Gordon. (Final line)

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