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Westward Television was the very first ITV station to be launched after the start of Coronation Street in 1960. The station covered the South West region of England and began transmission on Saturday 29th April 1961 however they initially opted out of transmitting Coronation Street only joining the programme with Episode 48 on 29th May. The show was therefore not fully networked for the interim four-week period.

The station began colour transmissions on Saturday 22nd May 1971 and showed the first episode of Coronation Street in that medium from Episode 1080 onwards.

After years of disputes with the IBA, many caused by the company's pugnacious and argumentative chairman Peter Cadbury, Westward lost its franchise in the reshuffle of 1980 and officially ceased broadcasting on 31st December 1981. Episode 2165 was the final edition of Coronation Street carried by the station who were succeeded in the region by Television South West.

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