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Weatherfield Quays in 1995

Weatherfield Quays is an upmarket area of Weatherfield situated on the banks of the River Irwell. As part of a regeneration scheme in the late 1980s, new dockland apartments were built which were, at the time, among the most desirable in the town. Residents of the suburb over the years include Mike and Alma Baldwin, Danny Baldwin, Dev Alahan, Carla Connor, and Steve McDonald.

It continues to be a premier spot in Weatherfield, home to many trendy pubs and restaurants.


The quays were re-developed over 1989 and 1990, with river view apartments built including Quebec House and Montreal House. Mike Baldwin moved into the former in August of that year, leaving 46b, St. Mary's Place after selling Baldwin's Casuals to Maurice Jones. Audrey Roberts also became interested in living there after being entertained by Mike and his girlfriend Dawn Prescott, and set about persuading Alf to put their names down for a corner flat in the next phase. Alf eventually gave in, but Audrey conceded that it was out of their price range and settled for a semi instead.

In 1991, Mike married Jackie Ingram and left the quays but swiftly returned following his separation, buying No. 4 Montreal House, his home until his death in 2006, after which it became the property of his son Danny.

1997: Don takes Alma for a ride

Over the years, several Baldwin family dramas would spill out into the quay. In 1997, Don Brennan, seeking revenge over Mike, drove his taxi into the Irwell with Alma inside. Both managed to escape unscathed. In 2006, suffering from severe Alzheimers Mike went missing from home, causing concern due to him living near water. He was found safe but confused at the riverbank by Danny and Leanne Battersby. Later that same year, during a brawl between Danny and his son Jamie Baldwin over Jamie's relationship with his stepmother Frankie the men fell into the river, where Jamie was momentarily feared drowned before being rescued with Danny's help. The Baldwins left the area shortly thereafter when Danny sold Mike's old flat.

Other residents of the quays included footballer Wayne Farrell, and the brother-in-law of Derek, a man Liz McDonald had an affair with in 2007. The pair cheated on their partners at the apartment and on one occasion Liz was locked out on the balcony semi-naked when Derek's wife showed up unexpectedly, causing Liz to finish with Derek.

After its introduction in 1989, Weatherfield Quays was used as a fictional stand-in for Salford Quays with most exterior scenes recorded there. Scenes set in the vicinity of Mike Baldwin's first docklands flat, No.6 Quebec House, was shot at Mariner's Canal, Vancouver Quay and St. Lawrence Quay when it appeared over 1989 and 1990.
In 2008, the Victoria Court flats were introduced to Coronation Street's outdoor set. The modern apartments housed characters who would typically live at Weatherfield Quays, removing the need for location filming. Since then, Weatherfield Quays has been represented by Wharf End and Trafford Wharf Road (Episodes 7058 and 7059, Waterfront Quay (Episode 9158), and the car park at the programme's MediaCity studios (Episode 8414).




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Quebec House area

1989: Ken Barlow arrives at the quays to interview Mike Baldwin about the closure of Baldwin's Casuals

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Note: Due to the proximity of the studios to Salford Quays, Coronation Street has occasionally recorded scenes in and around the area, though only those specifically stated as being set in Weatherfield Quays are listed on this page.