Weatherfield High

Weatherfield High School (formerly Weatherfield Comprehensive and Regents Road Secondary Modern) is the main institution for secondary education in Weatherfield. The school specialises in the 11-16 age group, although some pupils have sat their A-level examinations there, which would suggest that the school has Sixth (VI) Form facilities. Lucille Hewitt was the first pupil to sit her O-Level examinations at the newly formed Weatherfield Comprehensive in 1965. The school was created by the amalgamation of the Weatherfield School for Girls and the Weatherfield Boys' School.

The school rarely featured until Ken Barlow returned to teaching in 1991, taking a post in the English department. By this time, Tracy Barlow was a pupil at the school, along with Steve and Andy McDonald and Nick Tilsley. Derek Wilton worked as a janitor at the school for a period in 1992. Since 2004, references to "Weatherfield Comprehensive" ceased and the school started to be known as "Weatherfield High". In 2004, Violet Wilson was identified as a former pupil of Ken Barlow and sometimes still called him "Sir". Sophie Webster, Chesney Battersby-Brown, Sian Powers and Ben Richardson all left the school after taking their exams in Year Eleven.

Scenes at Weatherfield High School are recorded on location at Oasis Academy, King William Street in Salford, formerly Hope High School.


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