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The Weatherfield Gazette is the local newspaper for the Weatherfield area. For decades it has reported the births, deaths, marriages and criminal behaviour of many Coronation Street residents. Ken Barlow is perhaps the most notable contributor to the publication and for a brief period he also ran a rival newspaper, the Weatherfield Recorder, before he was forced to sell it to the Gazette itself after the latter started a free sheet in May 1989. Ken struggled on with the paper for another eight months but in the end there wasn't enough advertising revenue around to support two titles, especially when Deirdre Barlow demanded half the profits of the paper as part of a divorce settlement from Ken.

At some point, the paper launched its own internet edition which allows reader's comments underneath the on-line stories.

They are the official sponsors of Weatherfield County FC.

List of Gazette stories featuring Coronation Street residents

Note: reference to matters such as job adverts, etc are not included in the list below.
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  • The paper reports on a "Glamorous Granny" and "Beautiful Baby" contest run to mark the Silver Jubilee of The Queen and prints photographs of the finalists including Elsie Howard (May 1977)
  • "French Frolics. Twin-town complains about visitors behaviour". Several Weatherfield women get drunk and disorderly while on a trade mission trip to Charleville in France while representing the borough (February 1980)
  • Window cleaner Stan Ogden has been left £100 and a pot dog by Dora Entwistle, a grateful customer of his who has just passed away (March 1980)
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  • "Councillor's husband threatens opponent" Ken Barlow and Alf Roberts are photographed in an altercation in the Rovers Return over an election in which Mr Roberts and Mrs Barlow are opposing candidates. (May 1991)
  • Traffic flows through Coronation Street have increased 500% since a new one-way system was introduced. (January 1993)
  • Weatherfield resident Emily Bishop has won a victory against illegal clampers who have returned her £60 fine (it later transpired that the money was paid by her concerned lodger Percy Sugden to try and make her drop her complaint) (June 1993)
  • "Angry OAPs Slam Shopkeeper Scrooge" Shop keeper Alf Roberts comes under fire from his customers for refusing to honour vouchers issued by his predecessor Brendan Scott (December 1993)
  • Alf has assaulted a pensioner who is part of a group protesting over the withdrawn vouchers scandal (December 1993)
  • Weatherfield Comprehensive is broken into and £3,000 worth of equipment stolen (February 1994)
  • Twelve years of age is considered a good age for budgies (Percy Sugden disagrees, thinking his own bird is eighteen but Emily Bishop tells him he died six years before and she replaced him without telling him) (April 1994)
  • Coronation Street resident Jack Duckworth - "The Birdman of Weatherfield" - has spent the night on the rooftops as a protest against his neighbour Curly Watts who has refused to allow him access to his loft observatory to retrieve one of his pigeons (May 1994)
  • Weatherfield Councillor and former Mayor Alf Roberts has been awarded the OBE (June 1995)
  • £7,000 is missing from the Mayor's charity fund. Alf Roberts is the chief suspect for the theft. (June 1995)
  • Newton & Ridley are selling six of their pubs including the Rovers Return and the White Swan (October 1995)
  • Spirited pensioner Phyllis Pearce beats off the flasher who has been terrorising the residents of Weatherfield, enabling him to be caught (November 1995)
  • The Rovers Return Inn is reportedly being haunted by ex-patron Ivy Brennan (February 1996)
  • Steve McDonald is sent to prison for two years and his ex-girlfriend Vicky Arden is given a twelve month suspended sentence for dealing in stolen goods and attempting to pervert the course of justice (May 1996)
  • Three residents of Coronation Street are held hostage by an armed gunman (March 1997)
  • "Millenium [sic] concert bowl gets go-ahead": The application to build an outdoor concert bowl on the Red Rec receives approval (January 1998)
  • "Eco-Warriors Clash with Councillor Alf Roberts": Activists protesting against the plans for the concert bowl on the Red Rec occupy the garden of Councillor Alf Roberts (January 1998)
  • The protesters against the Millennium concert bowl have now occupied trees about to be cut on the Red Rec site (January 1998)
  • Rovers Return Inn landlord Alec Gilroy has been running a sleazy escort agency named Golden Years which is implicated in the recent death of Babs Fanshawe (March 1998)
  • "Drink Driver Prangs P.C.": Les Battersby is banned from driving for eighteen months after hitting an unmarked police car and failing a breathalyser test (May 1998)
  • "Council Candidate Lured Schoolgirl to Nights on Red Rec": Council election candidate Audrey Roberts accuses opposition candidate Geoffrey Nugent of sleeping with a teenage girl (June 1998)
  • Coronation Street resident Desmond Barnes dies after being attacked in his own home (November 1998)
  • Window cleaner Gary Mallett is hailed a hero after scaring off a burglar while on his rounds (June 1999)
  • Brave barmaid Leanne Battersby single-handedly tackles raiders at the Rovers Return pub (January 2000)
  • Weatherfield resident Ken Barlow asks readers for any information about the Cartwright murders that were infamous in Weatherfield over 100 years ago (March 2000)
  • New columnist Ken Barlow in his Ken's Corner column slams "fat-cat" councillors for promoting themselves over the interests of their electors (July 2000)
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  • Ken Barlow writes of the contributions made to Weatherfield by former councillor Alf Roberts who died the previous year (July 2000)
  • Local factory owner Mike Baldwin is running his business under sweat-shop conditions (August 2000)
  • "Rugby star plays dirty in flats conversion deal": landlord Duggie Ferguson has been illegally evicting tenants from his properties (October 2000)
  • "Supermarket Siege": Dean Sykes is shot dead by Police Sergeant Emma Taylor after a siege at Freshco supermarket. (October 2000)
  • Landlord Duggie Ferguson says his employee Vinny Sorrell is to blame for the evictions which have taken place and he's since been fired (November 2000)
  • "Local girl in sex attack!": Toyah Battersby is raped in the ginnel behind the Rovers (April 2001)
  • Weatherfield Women in Cancer Scare: smear tests are having to be rerun after errors found with previous results (April 2001)
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List of newspaper contributors and staff

Note: In July 1976 the paper refused to employ Ernest Bishop on its staff as he was not a member of the National Union of Journalists.


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  • The newspaper did not make its first appearance in the programme but instead in the TV Times issue of 13th to 19th August 1966 (and the following week's issue) in a mock-up of a newspaper report on the council election storyline when Annie Walker and Len Fairclough were opposing candidates. The paper first appeared in the programme later in the year and TV Times trumpeted the fact they had an invented the title in their issue of 19th to 25th November.