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The Weatherfield Canal in 2007.

The Weatherfield Canal is a waterway located on Canal Street. It was constructed between 1863 and 1870 and its football-loving workforce was instrumental in the founding of Weatherfield County FC in 1887.


After Richard Hillman failed to kill his family by way of the exhaust emissions from his car parked in the garage of 8 Coronation Street, he headed to the canal and the vehicle plunged in during a pursuit by Tommy Harris, Kevin Webster and Martin Platt. Richard drowned in the canal while his wife Gail, her children Sarah and David and granddaughter Bethany were rescued. Gail returned to the canal later that evening to identify Richard's body, before throwing her wedding ring into the water.

Over four years later, a disturbed David returned to exactly the same location and drove his car into the water in an attempt to ruin his sister Sarah's wedding day. Gail went to the canal while police removed David's car and conducted a search for his body. David however had survived the incident and returned to No.8 much to the relief of his family (except Sarah who then realised that this was an attempt to spoil her big day).

On the night of 16th October 2008, Tony Gordon went to the canal after having enemy Liam Connor killed and disposed of his wallet but not before taking the money. Tony had stolen the wallet to make Liam believe he had left it at a bar during their stag night, which had led to Liam crossing a road and being run over by Tony's henchman Jimmy Dockerson.

For a period of several months in early 2009, Ken Barlow met friend Martha Fraser who was living in a barge on the canal. They later had an affair, and when Martha decided to move on from Weatherfield in June she invited Ken to come along. Although he was tempted, he remained behind unable to leave his home. In November that year, Tony Gordon attempted to kill Roy Cropper who he had made a confession to regarding the murder of Liam Connor. After a struggle with Roy, Tony threw him in the canal but having a change of heart dragged him out and later handed himself into the police.

In May 2011 Fiz Stape helped her killer husband John Stape dispose of Colin Fishwick's corpse in the canal. Fiz had discovered John removing Colin's corpse from beneath the Underworld factory after he had hid it under there for nearly a year. Fiz was then blackmailed by John to help him move the body, as she had also helped him steal Colin's identity the previous year after John wanted to go back into teaching. When John was outed as a killer and went on the run, Fiz took the police to the canal to pinpoint where the body was located.

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