Weatherfield building society

Kevin Webster takes out a mortgage on 13 Coronation Street

The Weatherfield Building Society, along a busy street in Weatherfield, was where Kevin Webster successfully applied for a mortgage on 13 Coronation Street in January 1988. At that time, Mrs Kenworthy was the manager and Janice a secretary, who had her own desk outside Mrs Kenworthy's office. Kevin was anxious about his appointment with Mrs Kenworthy as he had been refused a mortgage with another building society when he and Sally applied in both their names because of a previously unpaid debt of Sally's, but Mrs Kenworthy told him it wouldn't be a problem.

In January 1993, Tracy Barlow used her account to cash a £2,000 for Doug Murray, who couldn't do so himself as he was a bankrupt. Tracy took a fancy to Doug - who was at that time dating Tracy's mum Deirdre - and failed to turn up at their arranged meeting at the building society to withdraw the money, instead telling Doug she'd give it to him at a wine bar. She continued to string him along with the promise of giving him his money until Deirdre found out and gave it to Doug herself, but in a cheque, and also dumped him and warned him to stay away from Tracy.

Rita Sullivan visited the Church Street branch in November 1994 to open up a building society account for Kevin and Sally Webster's new daughter, Lauren. Initially feeling left out having got close to the family prior to the birth, Rita was delighted when Kevin called into The Kabin told her that she was welcome to call into No.13 at any time, opened up a the building society account to the value of £1,000 and presented the Websters with the paying-in book. It was established however that Rita would have to revisit the branch to amend the baby's name as Sally informed her that they had decided to call their daughter Sophie.

In September 1998, Jack Duckworth got Vera to take out a form saying only his signature was needed to take money out of their joint account. When Vera then found out that he'd lost £1,200 of their money at the dogs, she transferred all the money to a new account in her name only, even though he won the money back plus £800 profit.

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