Episode 525

1965: Athletic's inside forward David Barlow is brought down by a tackle from Larry Palmer

Weatherfield Athletic was a local football team playing in the Cheshire League. In 1965, the club chairman Sid Lambert signed David Barlow as the club's inside forward despite some other directors' preference for Ian McCormick currently of Partick Thistle. David was given a two-year contract as player coach on £35 a week and ran the social club as social and sports officer.

In August that year, David received trouble from Johnny and Tony, two workmen at the club who were unhappy at being passed over for work in favour of Len Fairclough. At a dance organised by David, Johnny pinched Irma Ogden's bottom, causing David to threaten to bar him.

A tackle from Larry Palmer during a benefit match in December resulted in David sustaining a knee injury forcing him into retirement. Sid also dismissed him from his job at the social club.

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