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Wayne Pickles was a young lad who delivered newspapers for The Kabin between 1987 and 1988. Wayne started an argument with the management when pensioner Harry Ashton was taken on and got Priscilla Millbanks to back him in giving Rita Fairclough and Mavis Riley an ultimatum that Harry be sacked or they'd quit, the grounds that the allowances made for Harry because of his age were unfair on them. Wayne was determined to have his way and made cracks about Harry's age when he saw him in the street.

Mavis called all parties to a meeting at Jim's Cafe where she got Wayne and Priscilla to agree to stay in exchange for reinstating their old rounds, which had been swapped when Harry was appointed to give him the easier round, and sharing Craig Atkinson's round between them while he was sick with a cold, but she made clear her feelings on their selfish, petty-mindedness.

In May, Mavis sacked Wayne for missing five days in a month. Wayne said he was thinking of quitting anyway. Wayne guarded his round and beat up Jason Stubbs, who'd been given the round, intimidating the lad enough for Jason to tell Rita and Mavis that he'd tripped over his bag strap. Mavis called at Wayne's house to speak to Mrs Pickles about Wayne's behaviour, but Mrs Pickles accused Jason of starting the fight and threatened Mavis with violence. Wayne got into another fight with Jason the next day but this time both came off badly. Mrs Pickles dragged Wayne to The Kabin to complain about Jason, running into Sandra Stubbs who was there at the time. The women got into an argument which ended with Sandra hitting Mrs Pickles. Wayne didn't bother Jason again.

Credited as "Paperboy" in Episode 2781 and "Wayne" in Episodes 2799 and 2800.

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