Warrington is a large town and borough in Cheshire in the North of England.

Approximately 20 miles from Manchester, it was home to Ivan and Linda Cheveski in the late 1950s before they moved back to Coronation Street in April 1961.

RAF Burtonwood, also known as USAAF station 590, was located on the outskirts of Warrington. It was here that Steve Tanner was stationed during World War II and upon his return to Britain in the 1960s. When he and Elsie Tanner were refused permission to marry in her local church, St. Mary's in Weatherfield, their marriage took place instead at St. Stephen's Church in Warrington on 4th September 1967.

The town was home to the mother of Paddy Conran who lived in Cobden Street in Weatherfield. He dutifully visited her every Monday, sometimes posing as the purchaser of vehicles that he wanted to take on a test run to get there, as Elsie Tanner found out to her cost when she tried to sell her unwanted Jaguar in July 1968.

Rita Fairclough had a singing engagement in the town in October 1978 and her need to get Ray Langton to drive her there exposed his affair with waitress Janice Stubbs both to her and his wife Deirdre.

Maureen Slater, a short-term girlfriend of Fred Gee's in March 1983 lived in the town, as did Moira Wood, the mother of Greg Kelly. Jason Grimshaw worked for a short while in May 2003 on a job in Warrington that his father, Tony Stewart, found for him, though he was exhausted by the hard labouring. In June 2005, a jealous Danny Baldwin sent his son, Jamie on delivery jobs to the town and also to Hull to keep him away from Leanne Battersby.

In May 2015, Sarah Platt lied to Callum Logan that David was visiting his father Martin in Warrington when in fact he had absconded with Max Turner, Callum's natural son, to Liverpool and six months later Mary Taylor and Brendan Finch attended a paranormal convention in the town.

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