Walid Aziz was an illegal immigrant who Maya Sharma made contact with through some unspecified means. He was one of six men that she married using the name Sunita Parekh, then informing the police of the deception in time for the police to arrest Sunita and Dev Alahan on their wedding day, charging her with six counts of bigamy. The police arrested Walid just in time before Maya fled the country to Italy and with other sources of identification to hand, charged her instead.

The character was credited as "Walid Asiz" in two out of his four appearances and as "Walid Patel" on his third. On his last appearance however - and the only times he was named in dialogue, in Episode 5876 (25th October 2004) and Episode 5877 (27th October 2004) - it was with his final credited name of "Walid Aziz".

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