The Waiter was employed at the Clock restaurant and was on duty one evening in June 2005, showing Charlie Stubbs and Shelley Unwin to their table. Charlie had taken Shelley out for dinner, by way of a "celebration", after she'd followed through on Charlie's request and found the courage to bar her mother Bev from the Rovers earlier in the evening.

Shelley - who was still suffering from agoraphobia and low self-esteem - was not feeling up to going out, and her unease in the establishment was evident after the waiter had presented them with menus and to Charlie's chagrin, she insisted on drinking tap water and refused to order food. As Charlie left the table to answer a call on his mobile phone, the waiter approached Shelley and asked if she'd looked at the Specials Menu. At which point, a distressed Shelley accidentally knocked over an empty wine glass and promptly ran out of the restaurant with Charlie chasing after her.

The waiter was again on duty when Mike Baldwin took Penny King for dinner in January 2006. Mike, who'd already began showing signs of memory problems, saw the occasion as the perfect opportunity to propose to Penny. After the waiter had taken their food order and poured champagne for the couple, Mike duly slipped an engagement ring on Penny's finger. Although taken by the gesture and the reassurance that she loved Mike, Penny declined his proposal. As a wounded Mike hastily left the restaurant, Penny immediately went to go after him but the waiter called out, reminding her that the bill still needed to be paid.

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