When Jack Duckworth agreed to let attractive new-ager Maz O'Loughlin use the greenhouse on his allotment to expand the range of vegetables she was growing in June 2003, he was unware that Maz was using the greenhouse for the propagation of cannabis. The matter came to light a few months later when Maz gave the Duckworths some chocolate brownies to eat liberally spiced with the drug. Puzzled by their effect, Vera nevertheless accepted the recipe and some "spices" from Maz to make them herself and generously donated a plateful to Emily Bishop for a church meeting she was hosting. After everyone but the dieting vicar got thoroughly stoned at the meeting, Emily and Norris Cole deduced that the cause must have been the brownies. Vera was offended but showed the special ingredient to them in the Rovers where barman Ciaran McCarthy identified it for what it was. Vera rang the police and WPC Marsh turned up at the allotments, inspected the contents of Jack's greenhouse and promptly arrested him! Jack was livid that he'd been arrested by the actions of his own wife and depressed when WPC Marsh came round to 9 Coronation Street and broke the news to him that as the address they were given for Maz was a false one, he was the one who would be prosecuted. Jack later went to court where he was fined £200.00

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