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Victoria Wood as Ena Sharples.

Victoria Wood, (born in Bury on 19th May 1953, died in London on 20th April 2016) was a writer, actress, presenter, comedienne and singer, famous for her observational comedy celebrating the quirks of ordinary daily life. Early fame came through the TV talent show New Faces and she was mentored by Peter Eckersley.

Wood often used a small band of actors in an informal repertory company. Duncan Preston and Susie Blake appeared in major roles in many Wood productions, while Philip Lowrie had smaller roles in Wood's All Day Breakfast, Pat and Margaret, We'd Quite Like To Apologise and The Library.

Of principal interest regarding this site is the As Seen on TV sketch broadcast on 12th December 1987 that referenced the early 1960s Ena Sharples/Minnie Caldwell/Martha Longhurst group of characters.

Wood also wrote and starred in Dinnerladies. Of the principal nine cast members there are eight with Coronation Street connections.

Her father, Stanley Wood, was an insurance salesman and part-time writer who contributed one episode of Coronation Street: Episode 1237 (22nd November 1972).

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