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Viaduct Street is the street at the east end of Coronation Street. The viaduct was closed off for good in 1989  when Maurice Jones built the 'posh' houses on the south side of Coronation Street. New buisnesses have opened on Viaduct Street such as Turner's Joinery which housed in one of the viaduct arches. In reality, the entrance to the joinery is actually the entrance to studio one where the interior sets of the houses and shops featured on Coronation Street, as well as the Rovers Return Inn. Also the Viaduct in reality only has four arches, when the cramped studio exterior was built outdoors, the viaduct at the end of this set was a real viaduct that ran close to Granada Studios. You can see Turners Joinery in the opening titles of Coronation Street, with a Metrolink tram going over the viaduct, the train was placed on the viaduct by Computer Generated Imagery. Ever since the viaduct was closed off no one knows what is on the other side of the viaduct, before the first exterior set was built you could see what was known as Jubilee Terrace, an almost identical replica of Coronation Street. The viaduct was closed off as early as the 1960's by the wall and railings, when the first exterior set was built in 1968, the wall and railings and Jubilee Terrace had by now vanished and a 'right of way' had allowed cars and pedestrians to go through the viaduct as they pleased, by this time it was rare to actually see a vehicle emerging from the viaduct, in the 1980's the right of way had been removed and gates had been placed on the Jubilee Terrace side of the arch to close the viaduct off. When Maurice Jones Purchased the viaduct arch and the land on which the community centre and Mike Baldwin's old factory the transformation to the now familiar set took place, the frontage of 'Turner's Joinery' has changed twice over the years, when the unit was first seen, it looked nothing more than a garage, sometime in the late 1990's, a large window was placed at the front of the unit and Turner's Joinery opened. When Maya Sharma blew up the corner shop, she attempted to run down Dev and Sunita as they survived the explosion, Maya crashed her car into Turner's Joinery damaging the unit, the window was replaced by a double glazed panel, the Joinery now looks like a shop.

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