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The club was a venture of talent agent Laurie Fraser's In January 1964,when Laurie began to think about possible investments in Weatherfield and became interested in opening a nightclub in the basement of Elliston's Raincoat Factory in Coronation Street. His plans were opposed on moral grounds by lay preacher Leonard Swindley but Laurie bought a share of the factory and was granted a licence without opposition. Laurie gave his girlfriend Elsie Tanner the job of croupier at the club and saw that her son and his former employee Dennis was given a job also.

The club opened in March after a slight delay resulting from the collapse of the casino room ceiling. His wife Rosemary visited from London to see the new club, surprising Elsie who knew nothing about her existence. Elsie was appalled to learn that she was just Laurie's bit on the side - even though Rosemary was fine about it - and resigned from the club. Laurie tried to apologise but Elsie refused to let him in her house, and threw all the presents he had bought her at him in the Street. Laurie decided to return to London with Rosemary, leaving Gus Lowman in charge of the club.

Charlie Moffit was the resident comedian of the club and towards the end of 1964 Laurie's business partner Lenny Phillip's nephew Norman Phillips started to manage the events that took place at the club which included the wrestling match that Stan Ogden took part in, and the singing contest won by Lucille Hewitt, in which Annie Walker was most disappointed to be 'merely' second. When working there, Minnie Caldwell fell and injured herself. Ena Sharples campaigned on her behalf, eventually winning compensation from Len Fairclough, the builder responsible for the staircase that caused the accident.

Lucille singing in the talent contest

Charlie and Len in the club