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Viaduct Bistro (formerly Nick's Bistro and Just Nick's) is a bar situated within an arch of the viaduct in Viaduct Street at the south end of Coronation Street near the Corner Shop and The Kabin. It is situated underneath a railway line.

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History and events

In 2014 during his war with estranged wife Leanne Tilsley, Nick changed the name of the bar to "Just Nick's". Later that year, due to a lack of staff, Steph Britton employed Andy Carver and told Nick Tilsley that if he got fired, she'd leave in protest. Nick later asked Leanne if she would return to work at the bistro, which she agreed on the conditions that she could be manageress, the premises would be refurbished and the name reverted back to its original title.

In January 2016, Jamie Bowman and his mate Lee robbed the bistro at night. They also intended to frighten waitress, Steph Britton, who Jamie believed had sent her brother Luke and boyfriend Andy Carver after him to get him fired from his job. They believed that Steph was in the premises but once they entered the bistro they encountered Carla Connor, not Steph. They attempted to rob the till but due to a power cut the business had been closed since noon and there was no money for them to steal. Instead they swiped Carla's handbag and ran outside to their car. Carla sprinted after them and tried to get her handbag off them, but Jamie started up the car and then drove off as she was attacking Lee. Carla was then pushed out of the moving vehicle, badly injuring her. Pat Phelan attempted to stop the robbers by standing in front of the car, but upon realising that he was putting himself in danger, Kevin Webster pushed him aside.

In July 2017 Chesney Brown was stabbed with a glass bottle when he got caught up in an altercation between Robert Preston and his crooked former friend Rich Collis, as the latter tried to extort money out of Robert and tried to use the business as a way to launder money.

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