Vera Lomax (née Sharples) was Ena Sharples' daughter, born on 19th March 1921.

Vera didn't get along with Ena and neither did her sister Madge. While Madge cut Ena out of her life, Vera moved to the Glad Tidings Mission Hall with Ena in 1937 when Ena became the Mission's caretaker after the death of Vera's father Alfred. Vera and Ena slept in the same bed and Ena always bossed her around, convinced she was backward after being dropped as a child. During World War II, Vera wanted to take up with the American GIs in Burtonwood but Ena locked her in the vestry so she wouldn't bring shame to the family.

In 1946, Vera left the Mission and married miner Bob Lomax, and they had three children including a son, Colin. Ena retained close ties with the family, the only family members she hadn't alienated with her vicious tongue. Ena was occasionally called upon to babysit the kids.

Vera paid a visit to Ena in hospital when she collapsed in 1960. Despite her ill health, Ena was as irascible as ever and didn't show much appreciation for Vera's support. Ena had more than her fair share of stubborn moments and would refuse her help even if it was offered.

In 1966, Vera and Bob got into debt and split up, and Vera found herself at Ena's door. To bail her daughter out, Ena gave her the £150 she owed, even though it was all her savings. Later that year, Vera visited for Christmas, still separated from Bob, but feeling unable to take care of Colin. Vera claimed to be ill, but Ena didn't believe her and spoke to Doctor Connor, who confirmed Vera's story - she had a brain tumour and only a month to live. Vera didn't yet know her condition was terminal, and Ena didn't have the heart to tell her. Ena was in pieces as she watched her daughter wind down over the next few weeks. Vera died in January 1967.

Decades later, in 2004, Norris Cole thought that newsagent The Kabin was being haunted by Vera's ghost, as she had died in the spot now occupied by The Kabin's stockroom. Norris and several other residents had a seance to contact Vera but the 'hauntings' were caused by damp.

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