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Vanessa Morgan was the daughter of Bettabuy chairman Lord Walter Morgan. In 1992, after completing her degree at Reading University, Vanessa was fast-tracked onto Bettabuy's new management training programme. As part of her tutelage, she spent a few weeks working at the Weatherfield branch which proved to be an education in more ways than one.

Unbeknown to Vanessa, her appointment to Weatherfield was no coincidence; area manager Brendan Scott had deliberately sent her to his old enemy Reg Holdsworth's branch, knowing his attitude towards graduates and thereby setting Reg up to make a fool of himself by mistreating the chairman's daughter. For his gambit to work, Brendan kept Reg in the dark about her identity for as long as possible.

As expected, when informed that a graduate would be learning the ropes at his branch, Reg assumed that she'd been planted as spy by Brendan, and palmed her off onto assistant manager Curly Watts with orders to make her life as difficult as possible. Curly followed his superior's instructions to the letter by getting Vanessa rotating the freezer stock on her first day and lecturing her whenever she made a suggestion. Later that day, Brendan visited the store and put Curly in the know about Vanessa's identity, and Curly, for reasons of his own, decided not to share the news with Reg.

Meanwhile, Vanessa was keen to show initiative in her role and asked to set up a cooking display to promote the store's range of Chinese food. Curly, now going easy on Vanessa, authorised the idea, but when Reg saw the display he immediately ordered her to take it down on the grounds that Chinese food didn't sell. Reg then decided that his number two wasn't up to the task of handling Vanessa and put her and Vera Duckworth on cheese-cutting two days in a row. On the second day, Vanessa proved a point to Reg after he refused to come down to the cheese store by putting all the cheese on his desk to show that they had enough cut already. The following day, Reg - finally put in the picture by Curly - ordered Vanessa to remake the display of Chinese food, and praised her for her ambition, to looks of befuddlement from the young woman.

A few days later, Lord Morgan moved his daughter to the Walsall branch and she left the store for her next challenge. Before leaving, she informed Curly that, despite his attempt to nobble Reg, he had come up smelling of roses as her father was pleased that for once a manager had had the guts to treat one of his children like less than royalty!

Four months later, Vanessa joined her father and the Weatherfield team on a Bettabuy staff outing. Arriving at the hotel, the pair were greeted by the unusual sight of Brendan Scott sans trousers being chased downstairs by a bunch of women.

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  • 1992 ITV Telethon