Valerie Phelan was the pampered, spoiled first wife of the villainous Pat Phelan and the proprietor of Nail Chic by Valerie. Pat was bankrupt and most of his assets were in her name. Although he had a tendency to cheat on her with other women, she accepted the fact and stayed with him.

In October 2013, she was visited by Owen Armstrong who had carried out work for Pat, unaware that he was bankrupt. She refused to give up Pat's whereabouts and revealed to Owen that all of his assets were in her name, so Pat didn't have to pay for the work. This revelation lead to Owen breaking into their home and stealing Pat's motorbike. Pat promptly paid his dues.

The couple turned up at 6 Coronation Street in December with a proposition: Pat pitched the idea of a flat conversion and wanted Owen to front the project owing to the fact that he was bankrupt. After Owen eventually agreed to the idea, Valerie and Pat began spending a lot of time with the family, going on nights out together at Nick's Bistro. Although seemingly unaware, Pat had his eyes on Owen's girlfriend Anna Windass and acted inappropriately around her. Later he tried to make a move on Anna, which shook her up. This caused a chain of events - her son Gary got in to a fight with Pat and knocked him unconscious. Pat went missing shortly after the attack, and Valerie called round at No.6 inquiring on his whereabouts.

Pat however was alive and well, and having evidence of the attack on CCTV, used it to blackmail Owen and Gary into working for him at minimum wage. After weeks of torment, Anna pleaded with Valerie to stop Pat from blackmailing her family as it was putting a lot of stress on Owen and Gary. Anna then admitted that Pat made advances on her, but Valerie accused her of possibly bringing it on herself and refused to help. However (off-screen) Valerie confronted Pat, who decided to talk to Anna. After realising what strain his actions were causing to her family, he gave her a proposition: to have sex with him and he would let Gary and Owen go from the project. Although disgusted, Anna went along with his plans out of desperation and met him at the Dunford Hall Hotel where they slept together.

Pat and Valerie moved to Dubai, where Pat sent the Windass family a postcard, rubbing it in their faces. However, she finally saw Pat for what he really was, and divorced him. Since he was bankrupt, she kept all the money and his assets, leaving him with nothing.

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