Valerie Jennings was the wife of Phil Jennings. A remarkably tolerant woman, Valerie stayed with Phil throughout his dalliances with his "popsies": a long line of other women who had no idea that he was married. Outside the confines of his wife's flat, Phil presented himself as a flashy businessman and a bachelor, and his marital status was his fiercely guarded secret. Only when the chips were down did "Walter Mitty" arrive at his wife's door to recuperate. Valerie disapproved of her husband's affairs but didn't hold them against him as she considered herself just as bad for putting up with him.

In July 1991, when on the run from debtors and an angry Mike Baldwin Phil decided to leave the country with Valerie. Phil's latest floozy, Deirdre Barlow, got the flat's address from Phil's employee Dean Lockwood and went there to confirm that he was alive and well after Don Brennan witnessed Phil being knocked about by Scotch Tommy. Deirdre's concern for Phil evaporated when Valerie introduced herself as his wife, and after Valerie put her in possession of all the facts, Deirdre walked out on him with no regrets, leaving the couple to catch their plane.

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