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Muriel Clough Edit

Hi Davy, thanks for contributing your excellent article! I've gone through it and have some suggestions that should keep you right:

  • It's not necessary to go through everything the character did and said in their page, except those whose appearance in the programme only amounted to a scene or two. Certainly with Muriel Clough, with ten episode appearances, such an approach will bog down the article with excessive detail.
  • The character pages are exclusively written in past tense so watch out for that.
  • We use double square brackets for internal links rather than writing out the web addresses (cf. the list of appearances). It's easier! Don't be afraid of adding links to pages that don't exist yet either - they'll appear in the Wanted Pages which is our 'To Do' List.
  • As a rule of thumb there is one image per guest character article, unless they were major guests who appeared over the course of several years such as Dave Smith or were played by multiple actors.
  • The final appearance date in the infobox had already been sorted out when I got to it but I removed the duration field as that's only used for main characters.

Please don't be put off by that long list - I'm trying to get us on the same page which is a must on a Wiki like this. Looking forward to reading more from you! David (talk) 00:52, July 15, 2018 (UTC)

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