Coronation Street Wiki

Hey all,

FandomDesktop is available for users to opt-in and test NOW!

To access the new skin, you need to do the following:

  • Go to Special:Preferences
  • Click "Appearance"
  • Click "FandomDesktop"
  • Click any FandomDesktop preferences you want such as light/dark mode, content width, and right rail
  • Click "Save"!

There you go, you're on the new skin! Now not all wikis will have theming set up and templates may look different. To help with this, there is a Preparation Guide to help admins prepare their wikis. Admins - if you have any issues - please do contact me via my wall or on Discord at Spongebob456#7402. You can test out the new Theme Designer and if you feel your wiki is ready to be fully migrated to FandomDesktop, there is a button to mark it as such in the admin dashboard. This may impact the order of migrated wikis.

If you have any FandomDesktop bugs please comment below! Be sure to look at the Preparation Guide to make sure it's not a fixable styling issue. With bug reports, I need the following information:

  • What browser are you using (Chrome, Firefox, etc)
  • What editor? VisualEditor, VisualEditor - source mode (also known as the 2017 editor), or the source editor (aka the 2010 editor)? You can check which editor you're using via your preferences.
  • Detailed steps to reproduce the bug. Links, screenshots, and videos are very useful!

Read more in the latest Fandom staff blog.

Any questions/comments/bug reports - please post below! :) --Spongebob456 talk 21:15, 1 June 2021 (UTC)