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All synopses taken from the ITV3 EPG. Any incorrect information (including character names) are as they appeared.

Image Episode Synopsis
1 Episode 2793.jpg Episode 2793 (4th January 1988) Synopsis unavailable.
2 Episode 2794.jpg Episode 2794 (6th January 1988) Synopsis unavailable.
3 Episode 2795.jpg Episode 2795 (11th January 1988) Synopsis unavailable.
4 Episode2796.jpg Episode 2796 (13th January 1988) Synopsis unavailable.
5 Episode 2797.jpg Episode 2797 (18th January 1988) Synopsis unavailable.
6 Episode2798.jpg Episode 2798 (20th January 1988) Synopsis unavailable.
7 Episode2799.jpg Episode 2799 (25th January 1988) Synopsis unavailable.
8 Episode2800.jpg Episode 2800 (27th January 1988) Synopsis unavailable.
9 Episode2801.jpg Episode 2801 (1st February 1988) Synopsis unavailable.
10 Episode2802.jpg Episode 2802 (3rd February 1988) Synopsis unavailable.
11 Episode2803.jpg Episode 2803 (8th February 1988) Synopsis unavailable.
12 Episode2804.jpg Episode 2804 (10th February 1988) Synopsis unavailable.
13 Episode2805.jpg Episode 2805 (15th February 1988) Synopsis unavailable.
14 Episode2806.jpg Episode 2806 (17th February 1988) Synopsis unavailable.
15 Episode2807.jpg Episode 2807 (22nd February 1988) Synopsis unavailable.
16 Episode2808.jpg Episode 2808 (24th February 1988) Synopsis unavailable.
17 Episode2809.jpg Episode 2809 (29th February 1988) Gloria is stunned when Linda tells her she’s left Graham for Mike. Ken refuses to give up the recorder. Bet returns from Morocco.
18 Episode2810.JPG Episode 2810 (2nd March 1988) Alec and Bet become frightened at the prospect of parenthood. Linda tells Gloria she's left Graham for good but is not going to chase after Mike.
19 Episode2811.jpg Episode 2811 (7th March 1988) News spreads that Mike has been beaten up. Jack discovers Amy is stealing bottles of stout from the Rovers. The Gilroys warm to the idea of parenthood.
20 Episode2812.jpg Episode 2812 (9th March 1988) Vera begins to worry that Jack is right and Amy has been stealing. Ken is annoyed that Nick has asked Janet to work full time. Bet returns from hospital.
21 Episode2813.jpg Episode 2813 (14th March 1988) Fiona assures Ken she wants to learn the business and is keen to prove herself. Shirley is depressed about living at home at her age.
22 Episode2814.jpg Episode 2814 (16th March 1988) Sally doesn't like the way Gina flirts with Kevin. The Websters have a phone installed at No.13. Curly decides to let Shirley have the flat.
23 Episode2815.jpg Episode 2815 (21st March 1988) Curly tells Emily Alf is using him to keep Shirley out of the flat. Nick tells Ken he's going to have a company car.
24 Episode2816.jpg Episode 2816 (23rd March 1988) Deirdre considers having driving lessons now they're a two car family. Sally is annoyed when Gina keeps wearing her clothes and ruining them.
25 Episode2817.jpg Episode 2817 (28th March 1988) Curly wants to live with Shirley. Billy asks Brian for a job. Alan gets a job fitting burglar alarms.
26 Episode2818.jpg Episode 2818 (30th March 1988) Alf tells Curly he won't have immorality in his flat. Ivy wonders what Audrey is up to in Canada. Deirdre has her first driving lesson.
27 Episode2819.jpg Episode 2819 (4th April 1988) Sally discovers Gina has locked her out. Emily helps Shirley make the flat look nice. Curly prepares to spend his first night with Shirley.
28 Episode2820.jpg Episode 2820 (6th April 1988) Alan asks Dave if he can go into partnership with him. Billy calls on Gina and finds her with Martin. Curly shows his parents around the flat.
29 Episode2821.jpg Episode 2821 (11th April 1988) Alan asks Rita to lend him some money. Shirley celebrates her birthday. Alf misses Audrey and starts to drink for companionship.
30 Episode2822.jpg Episode 2822 (13th April 1988) Ivy questions Brian about why Audrey went to Canada. Shirley's mother disapproves of Curly. Alan spends Rita's money on a car.
31 Episode2823.JPG Episode 2823 (18th April 1988) Rita and Alan argue over the car. Gloria is sent a bouquet of roses. Alf tries to get hold of Audrey.
32 Episode2824.jpg Episode 2824 (20th April 1988) Mike contacts his solicitor after being stopped by the police while driving. Vera spreads the news around. Dave accuses Alan of poaching his customers.
33 Episode2825.jpg Episode 2825 (25th April 1988) Rita tells Alan she doesn't know where she stands with him. Alf meets Audrey's plane as she returns from Toronto.
34 Episode2826.jpg Episode 2826 (27th April 1988) Alf tells Audrey he's sick of hearing about Steven. Bet and the girls refuse to clean the Rovers anymore. Mike is sentenced for drink-driving.
35 Episode2827.jpg Episode 2827 (2nd May 1988) Sandra Stubbs answers Alec's advertisement for a cleaner. Mike overhears Vera laughing over the fact he's lost his licence.
36 Episode2828.jpg Episode 2828 (4th May 1988) Emily tries to stop Mike sacking Vera. Alan sets up Bradley Securities Limited in the Yard. Sandra is late for her first day at work.
37 Episode2829.jpg Episode 2829 (9th May 1988) Ivy tells Mike Vera did not shop him but she can't tell him who did. The Council ask Percy why he's ignoring the letters they've sent him.
38 Episode2830.jpg Episode 2830 (11th May 1988) Vera asks Mike for her job back now Ida has confessed but he refuses. Percy tells Deirdre he's being thrown into the street by the Council.
39 Episode2831.jpg Episode 2831 (16th May 1988) Mike takes Sandra on to clean his flat. Alan talks Alec into having a burglar alarm fitted. Don offers to decorate No.5 for Ivy.
40 Episode2832.jpg Episode 2832 (18th May 1988) Don strips the wallpaper at No.5 and starts to hang new paper. Emily is horrified when Deirdre warns her that Percy is planning to dump himself on her.
41 Episode2833.jpg Episode 2833 (23rd May 1988) Phyllis offers Percy a room at her bungalow. Alec panics when the burglar alarm goes off, driving the customers away. Ivy tells Brian she's remarrying.
42 Episode2834.jpg Episode 2834 (25th May 1988) Phyllis feels Emily is taking advantage of Percy and is luring him into her clutches. Mavis tells Wayne she's sick of having to do his round and sacks him.
43 Episode2835.jpg Episode 2835 (1st June 1988) Percy publically rows with Phyllis when Phyllis insinuates Emily is after his body. Don books the reception at the Rovers.
44 Episode2836.jpg Episode 2836 (6th June 1988) Wayne follows Jason around as he does his round and fights him. Don takes Ivy to buy her a ring. Nicky refuses to be Ivy's page boy.
45 Episode2837.jpg Episode 2837 (8th June 1988) Mike is annoyed when the girls return late to work after celebrating Ivy's wedding at the Rovers. Jack escapes Vera and goes on Don's stag night.
46 Episode2838.JPG Episode 2838 (13th June 1988) Don and Ivy get married at St Luke's church. Jack has to hunt for ages to find the ring. Nicky gets drunk at the reception.
47 Episode2839.jpg Episode 2839 (15th June 1988) Deirdre takes her driving test. Alan flirts with Carole who encourages him. Percy gets the job of school crossings warden.
48 Episode2840.jpg Episode 2840 (20th June 1988) Percy starts his crossing duty. Fiona tells Ken she doesn't know where Nick is. Martin grows suspicious of Alan's relationship with Carole Burns.
49 Episode2841.jpg Episode 2841 (22nd June 1988) Mike causes a stir by parking his Jag in the street. Percy makes it his duty to spy on Mike. Ronnie Stubbs looks for Sandra at the Rovers.
50 Episode2842.jpg Episode 2842 (27th June 1988) Sandra is horrified that Ronnie is on her trail. Ken refuses to wait for permission and get the paper out. Mike refuses to have Vera as his driver.
51 Episode2843.jpg Episode 2843 (29th June 1988) Bet tells Sandra that Ronnie wants a reconciliation. Vera forces Jack to go on a picnic with her. Fiona helps Ken get the Recorder together.
52 Episode 2844.jpg Episode 2844 (4th July 1988) Jack lays into Vera about her driving nearly killing him. Sandra talks to Ronnie at the Rovers. Ken and Fiona break into Neptune House.
53 Episode 2845.jpg Episode 2845 (6th July 1988) Mike tells Jack he's got a good case for compensation. Ken is proud when the Recorder is printed. Ronnie follows Sandra to her flat.
54 Episode 2846.jpg Episode 2846 (11th July 1988) Ronnie leaves Sandra bruised and shaken. The police talk Sandra into making an official complaint against Ronnie. Jack makes a list of his grievances since the accident.
55 Episode 2847.jpg Episode 2847 (13th July 1988) Emily hears that Percy's flat is ready. The courts grant Sandra an injunction. Fiona tries to interest Ken in buying word processors.
56 Episode2848.jpg Episode 2848 (18th July 1988) Bet lets Sandra earn extra money by helping out behind the bar as a barmaid. With Ivy and Vera going to bingo, Don talks Jack into a night out at a casino.
57 Episode 2849.jpg Episode 2849 (20th July 1988) Don gives his winnings to Ivy to make her think his gambling is a good thing. Jack tries to get hold of 30 pounds. Bet refuses to sub him so he hides in the cellar from Vera.
58 Episode 2850.jpg Episode 2850 (25th July 1988) Ivy and Vera refuse to talk to each other. Percy visits the Street. Alf books a holiday in the Lakes to please Audrey.
59 Episode 2851.jpg Episode 2851 (27th July 1988) Jack offers to be a stand-in at Gus Ferris's club. Audrey is thrilled when Malcolm flies in. Alf is not happy about the situation.
60 Episode2852.JPG Episode 2852 (1st August 1988) Audrey neglects Alf and the shop to be with Malcolm. Emily feels sorry for Percy when she realises how lonely he is.
61 Episode 2853.jpg Episode 2853 (3rd August 1988) Ivy tells Brian she's annoyed about being lied to about Audrey's visit to Canada. Don decides to organise a coach trip to Blackpool.
62 Episode2854.jpg Episode 2854 (8th August 1988) Don books a coach for the Blackpool trip. Alf tells Audrey he doesn't want her to go on the trip with Malcolm. Percy contacts old friend Arnold Swift.
63 Episode 2855.JPG Episode 2855 (10th August 1988) Don organises everyone on the trip to Blackpool. Shirley looks after Curly when he gets coach sick. Arnold takes a shine to Phyllis.
64 Episode2856.jpg Episode 2856 (15th August 1988) Gail shows her dislike of Malcolm. Alf refuses to believe Audrey was faithful. Arnold and Phyllis hitch a lift home together, getting drunk on the way.
65 Episode2857.jpg Episode 2857 (17th August 1988) Alec becomes frightened of Rover the dog. Audrey refuses to stay with Alf if he doesn't talk to her. Sandra is upset when Tony doesn't recognise her.
66 Episode2858.jpg Episode 2858 (22nd August 1988) Mrs Armitage has to visit her brother so she leaves Lucy with Shirley and Curly. Bet spends all her time spoiling Rover. Mavis applies for a new job.
67 Episode2859.jpg Episode 2859 (24th August 1988) Bet is upset when a little boy claims Rover as his lost dog Prince. Mavis gets a job interview at Barkers' stationery firm.
68 Episode2860.jpg Episode 2860 (29th August 1988) Rita is hurt that Mavis is looking for another job. Terry returns to Weatherfield. Shirley is annoyed when Curly spends all Bank Holiday taking Lucy to the fair.
69 Episode2861.jpg Episode 2861 (31st August 1988) Terry is surprised to discover Curly is living with Shirley. Mavis goes for her interview at Barkers and is stunned to be interviewed by Derek.
70 Episode2862.JPG Episode 2862 (5th September 1988) Mavis is horrified to receive a letter from Derek saying she hasn't got the job at Barkers. Terry is forced to sell his gold watch.
71 Episode2863.jpg Episode 2863 (7th September 1988) Vera gives Don ten pounds on Terry's behalf. Emily and Rita are stunned that Derek has proposed. Ivy asks Brian to make up with Don.
72 Episode2864.jpg Episode 2864 (12th September 1988) Sally believes Kevin's explanation that Terry tricked a girl into kissing him. Curly asks Mike if he can write about the factory in his thesis.
73 Episode2865.jpg Episode 2865 (14th September 1988) Kevin guesses that Terry has put a girl up to phoning Sally. Mike allows Curly to study the factory. Alan and Rita agree to be Mavis and Derek's witnesses.
74 Episode2866.jpg Episode 2866 (19th September 1988) Vera asks the Websters to forgive Terry. Curly writes a scathing report about the factory. Mavis learns that there's a hitch in Derek's divorce case.
75 Episode2867.jpg Episode 2867 (21st September 1988) Mike reads Curly's report about the factory. Derek assures Mavis he's doing all he can to get the divorce hitch sorted. Mike hires Terry as a chauffeur.
76 Episode2868.jpg Episode 2868 (26th September 1988) Vera boasts to the girls that Mike is grooming Terry for management. Alec is mugged on his way to the bank. Ken runs a slamming story of Mike running a sweat shop.
77 Episode2869.jpg Episode 2869 (28th September 1988) Synopsis unavailable.
78 Episode2870.jpg Episode 2870 (3rd October 1988) Synopsis unavailable.
79 Episode2871.jpg Episode 2871 (5th October 1988) The police find Alec's briefcase and return it to him. Deirdre pleads with Mike to drop the libel case. Gina applies for a job at the factory.
80 Episode2872.jpg Episode 2872 (10th October 1988) Jack gets a cheque from Vera's insurance. Joanne hints to Jenny that Alan is seeing another woman. Ken learns that Mike is dropping the libel case.
81 Episode2873.jpg Episode 2873 (12th October 1988) Vera demands half of Jack's compensation. Joanne tells Jenny she's seen Alan and Carole Burns kiss. Gail takes Gina on to help with the sandwich round.
82 Episode2874.jpg Episode 2874 (17th October 1988) Rita quizzes Jenny about her falling-out with Alan. Gina starts her job at the cafe. Alan sacks Martin after accusing him of telling Jenny about his private life.
83 Episode2875.jpg Episode 2875 (19th October 1988) Jenny tells Rita that Alan has been cheating. Gina accuses Phyllis of hating her. Vera spends the compensation money.
84 Episode2876.jpg Episode 2876 (24th October 1988) Jenny blames Rita for driving Alan out of the house. Mavis and Derek decide to honeymoon in Paris.
85 Episode2877.jpg Episode 2877 (26th October 1988) Rita tells Mavis that Alan has left her. Someone vandalises Percy's painting. Jenny tells Alan she'd choose Rita over him.
86 Episode2878.jpg Episode 2878 (31st October 1988) Jack tells Arnold Phyllis is cheating on him with Percy. Terry flirts with Gina. Derek must decide on his best man.
87 Episode2879.jpg Episode 2879 (2nd November 1988) Emily and Mavis go wedding dress shopping. Alan looks for a place to live. Phyllis assures Arnold that she's not using him.
88 Episode2880.jpg Episode 2880 (7th November 1988) Mavis is upset when the paper boys joke about the possibility of Derek jilting her again. Jack tries to sell a microwave to Derek.
89 Episode2881.JPG Episode 2881 (9th November 1988) Mavis fears that she isn't worldly enough for Derek as her wedding approaches. Vera is furious to discover Jack has sold her microwave. Alma tells Gail to stop the sandwich deliveries.
90 Episode2882.jpg Episode 2882 (14th November 1988) Gail is annoyed that she has to stop the sandwich round. Vera is furious that Jack hasn't got any money for the microwave. Terry has a date with a separated woman.
91 Episode2883.jpg Episode 2883 (16th November 1988) Brian urges Gail not to give her job up. Mike plans a trip to London. Bet decides to go to a health farm with Stella.
92 Episode2884.jpg Episode 2884 (21st November 1988) Mike leaves for London. Pete and Sandra arrange a date after her parent and teacher evening. The Wiltons return from their honeymoon.
93 Episode2885.jpg Episode 2885 (23rd November 1988) Terry tries to get rid of the graffiti on Mike's jag. Rita sees her solicitor about Alan. Gloria realises she's fallen for Pete.
94 Episode2886.jpg Episode 2886 (28th November 1988) Sandra worries that Pete has gone off her. Jenny tells Rita that Alan is moving out of their lives. Terry advises Mike to forget all about the graffiti.
95 Episode2887.jpg Episode 2887 (30th November 1988) Gloria tells Sandra she's been seeing Pete. Rita realises she's humiliated herself. Mike fires Terry for driving his jag.
96 Episode2888.jpg Episode 2888 (5th December 1988) Terry tells Vera he's resigned from the factory. Rita can't believe Alan has returned. Alec asks Sandra to come back to the Rovers.
97 Episode2889.jpg Episode 2889 (7th December 1988) Terry tells Vera there's nothing left for him in Weatherfield. Vera is distraught and blames Mike for sacking Terry. Alec wonders how to tell Bet that Gloria has left.
98 Episode2890.JPG Episode 2890 (12th December 1988) Alec learns that Bet and Stella are at a hotel instead of the health farm. Ivy is annoyed when she isn’t invited to Audrey’s Christmas dinner.
99 Episode2891.JPG Episode 2891 (14th December 1988) Ivy demands to know from Alf where they stand over Christmas. Bet finds out from Stella that Alec knows they are in a hotel.
100 Episode2892.jpg Episode 2892 (19th December 1988) Deirdre is annoyed when Roscoe continuously phones her. Derek tells Mavis he would like to throw a party for everyone on Christmas Eve. Bet is amazed when Alec plans to open to the public on Christmas Day.
101 Episode2893.jpg Episode 2893 (21st December 1988) Alec is annoyed that none of the staff will work on Christmas Day. Deirdre buys presents for Roscoe's children. Percy makes dinner for Emily's guests.
102 Episode2894.JPG Episode 2894 (25th December 1988) Ken reports Deirdre missing to the police. Alec employs Vera behind the bar. The Gilroys and Wiltons join Emily and Percy for dinner.
103 Episode2895.jpg Episode 2895 (26th December 1988) Alf suffers from food poisoning. Tracy has nightmares about Deirdre disappearing. Ken wants Roscoe caught.
104 Episode2896.jpg Episode 2896 (28th December 1988) Social services tells Deirdre she's caused extra work for them. Mike, Don, Jack and Ashley play cards.