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Dozens or hundreds of articles refer to Weatherfield's local council. Unless there is a contradictory reference I haven't seen, the council is still officially the Weatherfield Metropolitan Borough Council, which started life early in the series, in 1974. Its predecessor was the Weatherfield County Borough Council.

I have just checked undated red links to the ambiguous term Weatherfield Borough Council and confirmed that they were all to the current council, so I've created that page as a redirect, transforming a couple of dozen red links into workable article links.

To ease the workload of editors in the future, I have assumed that few if any edits will now want to create links to the old council, and I have therefore made "council" a redirect to the current council. So just type "council" as you would in normal prose and make it a link, unless there is a good reason for spelling out the official title.

--- Robin Patterson (Talk) 01:29, January 4, 2019 (UTC)