Coronation Street Wiki

A little over five years ago, this Scot was looking for the Corrie Wiki online - because a show as massive and as loved as Coronation Street just had to have one - but found nothing. And so Corriepedia was born - not out of some big masterplan with a team of writers ready with their DVDs loaded and their fingers poised over their keyboards, but out of impulse by a man who'd never heard of Angie Freeman who wanted to read a bit about Corrie without buying any of the tie-in books (I've since bought them - they're brilliant). I told myself there were a fleet of people out there who were chomping at the bit to churn out articles on all things Corrie, and I could bow out gracefully and enjoy the fruits of my labour. I was wrong, it turned out way better than that.

So that's how the site came to be. In the five years since (thanks FAR more to users like User:Jtomlin1uk and User:Karen2310 than me), we've created articles on every episode and all of the major characters, obtained cast lists for every episode (and we're still the only archive in the public domain to do so), crowned Blanche Hunt as the Greatest Coronation Street Character in our 50th anniversary survey, been referenced in the body of Sean Egan's 50 Years of Coronation Street: The (very) Unofficial Story, and gone through two or three makeovers (by 'eck those early templates were ugly). And yet for all the work it involves, it's still great fun to write, and seeing praise and feedback on the web is still just as rewarding as it was in the beginning.

So thanks to everyone who has used or helped out with the site in the last five years, and here's to the next five! David (talk) 13:08, May 21, 2013 (UTC)

Great post, David! It’s five years of hard but rewarding slog but great fun seeing so many old episodes again, searching through old archives, both video and written, and finding out things about British television I’d always wondered about but never known – and making new friends into the bargain! Thanks for starting the site and here’s to many more years. John. --Jtomlin1uk (talk) 15:08, May 21, 2013 (UTC)