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We're into a new decade now and if we're lucky that means Corrie fans can soon expect a new DVD boxset from Network covering 2010 through 2019. 80 episodes over ten discs, like the previous five sets, to take us up to the present day.

But that's a big if. And I'm impatient to see how the highlights of the 2010s stack up to the other decades. To that end, as a thought experiment I've gone through the events of the last ten years and made my own list of episodes that could feasibly end up on such a boxset.

Taking my lead from the existing sets, I've picked out eight episodes per year, avoiding any that have already been issued on DVD (meaning no tram crash or factory explosion from 2010). As the 2000s set contained one hour-long episode for each year, I've tried to continue that pattern but a few years have nine regular episodes instead where none of the hour-longs appealed. With my picks, I've tried to represent all of the main storylines and characters, again like the existing sets, with enough births, weddings, deaths and stunts to make this a credible "best of", while also inserting a few "ordinary" episodes in there that I remember being very good.

Onto the picks, and I want to make clear that I didn't rewatch all of these first, never mind the ones I left off!



Episode 7270 (8th February 2010) - Joe dies while faking his death

Episode 7310 (5th April 2010) - Audrey and Rita argue over Lewis

Episode 7336 (10th May 2010) - Blanche's funeral takes place

Episode 7367 (24th June 2010) - Graeme handcuffs David to a radiator to tell him he and Tina are an item

Episode 7402 (13th August 2010) - Deirdre gets a Manchester tart in the face. "Ken, do something!"

Episode 7415 (30th August 2010) - Roy and Hayley marry, Sophie and Sian's relationship is exposed

Episode 7464 (8th November 2010) - Jack Duckworth passes away

Episode 7499 (25th December 2010) - The residents reacy to Tracy's release from prison


Episode 7537 (17th February 2011) - Peter threatens Nick over his affair with Leanne

Episode 7574 (8th April 2011) - David and Kylie and Graeme and Xin's double wedding

Episode 7600 (13th May 2011) - Rita sees Dennis again and hears about Elsie's death

Episode 7613 (30th May 2011) - Becky smashes up the Barlows' with a sledgehammer, John flees after Colin's body is found

Episode 7629 (20th June 2011) - Sylvia founds out that Hayley used to be a man and Roy stands up for Hayley

Episode 7654 (25th July 2011) - Owen smashes Izzy's door down when Gary keeps Izzy prisoner

Episode 7695 (19th September 2011) - Carla is raped by Frank

Episode 7709 (7th October 2011) - Eileen gets her head trapped in the factory railings

Episode 7753 (8th December 2011) - A day in the life of Peter Barlow, alcoholic


Episode 7785 (23rd January 2012) and Episode 7786 (23rd January 2012) - Steve marries Tracy and Becky's final appearance

Episode 7791 (30th January 2012) - Peter's affair with Carla is exposed during Frank's rape trial. Sylvia introduces Roy and Hayley to Milton

Episode 7803 (17th February 2012) - Audrey and Gail bump into Lewis while power walking

Episode 7853 (27th April 2012) - David and Kylie grow further apart. Mary leads the protest at Se7enth Heaven

Episode 7923 (2nd August 2012) - Kirsty beats Tyrone with the vacuum extension tube

Episode 7963 (26th September 2012) - Michelle and Tracy have a catfight over Tracy's relationship with Ryan

Episode 7972 (8th October 2012) - Deirdre confronts Ken and Wendy

Episode 8018 (14th December 2012) - Stella and Jason go public on their relationship. Dennis gets his own back on Steve


Episode 8045 (21st January 2013) - Kirsty and Tyrone's wedding. Tim's first appearance

Episode 8053 (1st February 2013) - Sylvia returns from America. Gail discovers she's been duped by Lewis

Episode 8085 (18th March 2013) - Rovers fire. Karl leaves Sunita to die

Episode 8091 (27th March 2013) - Tyrone takes the witness box in his trial. Kirsty hits Julie, showing her true colours

Episode 8158 (28th June 2013) - Deirdre finds Roy sleepwalking on the Red Rec

Episode 8185 (5th August 2013) - David and Nick are involved in a car crash

Episode 8236 (16th October 2013) - Roy and Hayley in Blackpool

Episode 8262 (22nd November 2013) - Faye and Grace bully Simon


Episode 8305 (20th January 2014) - Hayley takes her own life

Episode 8349 (24th March 2014) - Gail interrupts a burglar at No.8. Peter takes Tina to a hotel

Episode 8363 (11th April 2014) - Phelan blackmails Anna into having sex with him. Sophie and Maddie sleep rough

Episode 8395 (27th May 2014) - Tina and Rob's argument ends with Rob pushing Tina off the balcony

Episode 8418 (4th July 2014) - Kal's mother arrives to size up Leanne. First appearance of Yasmeen

Episode 8432 (23rd July 2014) - The bailiffs move in on No.6

Episode 8450 (18th August 2014) - Ken and Deirdre holiday in North Wales. In prison, Jim supplies Peter with alcohol

Episode 8500 (27th October 2014) - Carla realises that Rob is Tina's killer

Episode 8527 (5th December 2014) - Sofagate - Kevin starts dating the sofa's owner. First appearance of Billy


Episode 8550 (9th January 2015) - Kirk and Beth's 80s wedding

Episode 8558 (19th January 2015) - Bus crash aftermath

Episode 8649 (28th May 2015) - Kal dies in the Victoria Court fire. Maddie discovers Jenny's up to no good

Episode 8652 (1st June 2015) - Andy admits he isn't Gavin while Maddie passes away

Episode 8661 (15th June 2015) - Rita goes after Jenny when she snatches Jack

Episode 8684 (15th July 2015) - Deirdre's family and friends reflect on her life after her funeral

Episode 8740 (23rd September 2015) - Live episode. Kylie kills Callum

Episode 8747 (5th October 2015) - Sally and Tim marry. Jojhnny lays claim to Aidan's share of the factory


Episode 8808 (1st January 2016) - Emily leaves for Peru. Carla cheats on Nick

Episode 8842 (19th February 2016) - Anna smashes up Phelan's van. First appearance of Rana

Episode 8928 (23rd June 2016) - Sarah locks herself in the house, convinced Callum is alive

Episode 8946 (15th July 2016) - Kylie dies in David's arms

Episode 9001 (29th September 2016) - Ozzy is put down. Todd tries to be a better person

Episode 9018 (21st October 2016) - David, Lily and Gary are rescued before the car explodes

Episode 9040 (21st November 2016) - Gail is told that Michael is dead. Phelan discovers he's been betrayed

Episode 9065 (25th December 2016) - Christmas Day. Toyah returns. Bethany meets Nathan


Episode 9076 (11th January 2017) - Michelle has a late miscarriage

Episode 9130 (27th March 2017) - Ken is pushed down the stairs

Episode 9157 (5th May 2017) - Maria makes Aidan squirm. Amy finds out Tracy is sheltering Rob

Episode 9176 (31st May 2017) - Daniel is arrested for attempted murder. Nick is trapped in quicksand

Episode 9190 (19th June 2017) - Bethany realises she's being trafficked out of the country. Drew Spellman dies

Episode 9253 (20th September 2017) and Episode 9254 (20th September 2017) - Eva shoves Maria into a fountain. Jenny and Johnny are married at Rita's bedside

Episode 9282 (23rd October 2017) - Abi's children are taken into care

Episode 9286 (27th October 2017) - Nicola disowns Phelan. Phelan kills Vinny and Andy


Episode 9390 (26th February 2018) - Billy gets addicted to heroin

Episode 9407 (19th March 2018) - David realises he's been raped

Episode 9418 (30th March 2018) - Phelan falls to his apparent death

Episode 9451/2 (9th May 2018) - Aidan is found dead, having committed suicide

Episode 9471 (1st June 2018) - Phelan dies after being stabbed by Anna

Episode 9503 (9th July 2018) - Jack's leg is amputated

Episode 9599 (29th October 2018) - The Barlows react to Sinead's cancer diagnosis

Episode 9611 (12th November 2018) - Abi has a relapse. Audrey wins an award


Episode 9689 (8th February 2019) - Jenny and Johnny try to save their marriage

Episode 9723 (20th March 2019) - Rana dies after the factory roof collapse

Episode 9784 (31st May 2019) - Carla has a psychotic episode. Gary is revealed as the factory saboteur

Episode 9891/2 (4th October 2019) - Dev finds out that Asha has been using skin lightening cream

Episode 9906/7 (25th October 2019) - Sinead passes away

Episode 9911 (30th October 2019) - Gemma gives birth in a cable car

Episode 9933 (22nd November 2019) - Paul tells Bernie and Gemma about Kel's abuse

Episode 9960 (24th December 2019) - Rita falls while decorating her Christmas tree