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I've been a regular watcher of Coronation Street ever since I was a small child in the 1980s and hardly miss an episode.

I'm not here much these days but still keep my eye on recent changes.

After completing Corripedia's Golden Survey I have realised my 10 favourite characters are: Becky McDonald, Blanche Hunt, Fred Elliott, Graeme Proctor, Jack Duckworth, Kirk Sutherland, Minnie Caldwell, Norris Cole, Raquel Watts and Roy Cropper. While from the list of 200, my 5 least favourite are Bill Webster, Diggory Compton, Joe McIntyre, Len Fairclough and Sean Tully.

Of course, the trouble with polls like this is ones opinion is subject to change, especially if you're thinking in a different mindset. Completing the poll I thought of who has entertained me, and I generally took that to mean who's made me laugh. That's how someone like Kirk scored so highly. But then this morning I was thinking: is Kirk really a greater character than Ena Sharples? Ena could be funny too, but was a great character all round. What are the great Kirk plots? Gotta be honest, I'm not sure. Has he even had one truly great plot centred round him?

So I've decided to list all the characters I gave a score of 7, which will give me a Top 43. If I was to flesh it out to 50 I'd probably add characters that weren't even in the poll - I quite liked the other Minnie, Miss Chandra, for example. So with the list being so subject to change anyway, I'll probably leave it at a list of 43.

The characters I scored with a 7 are:

Alan Bradley
Anna Windass
Bet Lynch
Candice Stowe
Danny Baldwin
David Platt
Derek Wilton
Des Barnes
Deirdre Barlow
Ena Sharples
Fiz Stape
Gail Platt
Hayley Cropper
Hilda Ogden
Jack Walker
Jim McDonald
Karen McDonald
Ken Barlow
Leanne Battersby
Maria Connor
Mavis Wilton
Michelle Connor
Mike Baldwin
Percy Sugden
Peter Barlow
Reg Holdsworth
Richard Hillman
Rita Sullivan
Steve McDonald
Tony Gordon
Toyah Battersby
Tracy Barlow
Vera Duckworth

Lol! Now I'm wondering why I scored Peter so high, and thinking people like Alec Gilroy probably should have got a seven! So it's definitely very much subject to change! At least I've now got 50 named characters listed (5 negatively) so I will definitely keep it like this now!