It is exactly 30 years ago this week since Violet Carson passed away...and I found this article amongst my archive collection ..which shows Miss a rare interview focusing on her return to Coronation Street..after a long spate of illness. sadly Violet fell ill once again..shortly afterwards..and never did return to her role of Ena Sharples!; W Sylvester Collection.

...a great publicity pose of Jack Walker and Ena Sharples in mid-1960s; WS 2013.

JAN 1983 Titbits/ Stan and Hilda cover; WS Collection; 3/12/13.

A fun TV Times publicity shot of Minnie and Ena; played superbly by the late Margot Bryant and the late Violet Carson; WS Collection 2014.

watch out for this release in March 2014; the entire 44 episodes of BIGGLES; GRANADA TV 1960..written by CORRIE creator Tony Warren..and early writer of the street H. V. Kershaw. this series was shown prior to the debut of CORONATION STREET; WS 15/10/2013.

although a little tatty round the edges; the VIEWER magazine sports Elsie Tanner on their cover from Xmas 1963; WS Collection.

Weekend magazine cover; Bet Lynch; WS Collection.

Great shame that Oliver Mellor has quit Corrie.He feels that the character of Dr. Carter was not being used enough!WS;30/6/13.

The latest Gem in my collection; a 6 x 4 press photo of Ena & Minnie; circa 1968.;WS 22/3/13.

A favourite GEM from my C/Street archive collection;WS 11/3/13.

It is with great sadness that the passing of actor Bill Tarmey has just been announced;9/11/2012.My fave episode ever was his character Jack Duckworth dressed up in a August 2004 episode;WS.

MAR 1977; Pat Phoenix Cover;WS Collection.


RARE ENA/Palladium Cover;WS.

Life after corrie/PAT;WS coll.

THE NUGGET/TV;Corrie 1991;WS coll.

PAT PHONIEX cover feb 1984;WS coll.

Ena turns 77/Ep 1655;the latest press photo in my collection;WS.

DAVY JONES; 1945-2012; seen here in Ep 25; as Colin Lomax[Ena's grandson.]*a particular fave episode of mine from 1961; which i watched again today, as a salute!

Rare Nov 1974 CORRIE Cover; W. Sylvester collection.

Favourites from my Doris Speed collection;This is 29/11/77; the day lovely Doris collected her MBE from Buckingham Palace;WS.


TVTIMES; 7-13 May 2011; feature of DENNIS return..surrounded by early dennis/ELSIE memorabilia; inc;PAT signature;WS 2011.

Another SIGNED Violet Carson GEM arrived in the post today;Photo circa; 1961;WAYNE SYLVESTER ARCHIVES;4/5/11.


Ena was loved globally;PIC;1968 New Zealand TV Weekly!!WS 4/5/11.

New Zealand TV Guide 1968; A pint at the Rovers...feature; WS 2011.

At last...the 10 disc 1990's DVD box set is soon out on Network DVD; featuring 80 CLASSIC EPISODES between 1990-99;Rel; 5/9/11; WS

Fave Annie/ena Plate......amongst THE most favoured from my vast Corrie archives/memorabilia collection;Annie looks on...ena bitches...and jack smiles..whilst gritting his teeth at the conversation going on in the SNUG!!!WS 12/6/2011.


repackaged 1960s DVD collection; 2011.

repackaged 1970s DVD collection; 2011.

repackaged 1980s DVD collection; 2011.

CORONATION STREET 2000-20009 DVD release; 3/10/2011.

VOL ONE;DVD release:SOAP BOX; 2011.

The Corrie 50 souvenir magazines varied globaly; here is a New Zealand Woman's Own Dec 2010 Souvenir edition...!

Another favourite gem; Doris returns to Granada Tv for ITV TELETHON 88;30/5/88;WS.

Fave Doris Speed moment; meeting the Queen/official opening of the Granada Tv outdoor Coronation Street Set; 5/5/1982;WS.

Real Gem; remembering this occasion..has i was there; Doris Speed officially opens up the Granada Tours to the public in July 1988;W.Sylvester D/Speed Collection/Memorabilia.

WILL ENA SHARPLES EVER RETURN TO CORONATION ST?; Titbits Magazine interview with Violet Carson; 7/8/1982; from my own personal Vi Carson archives/collection.

OUR DEAR BETTY; Met you on more than one occasion whilst i was at Granada; and thought you were adorable!R.I.P my love; BETTY DRIVER; 20 May 1920-15 Oct 2011.;W.Sylvesterx

Please feel free to browse/join my new blog; WAYNE'S WORLD OF CLASSIC CORONATION STREET; at;

Great news to hear that Julie Goodyear M.B.E..would like to film a one-off episode for Betty William's funeral in early 2012!;WS.

June 4 1983 CORRIE cover;W.Sylvester collection; 4/11/11.

18th Birthday;CORRIE TVTIMES COVER;W. Sylvester collection.

Available from 12/12/11;together at last!!!!!!!!!Series One and Two of corrie spin-off;Pardon the Expression!Network DVD;WS.



GLORIOUS 12 COVERS-SET OF RADIO TIMES FOR CORRIE 50TH;bought today!!!Sylvesterfan 20:07, November 27, 2010 (UTC)ss pics attached!DENNIS TANNER IS BACK AFTER 43 YEARS;Official announcement;25/1/2011.Sylvesterfan#


THE SAD PASSING OF ACTRESS ELISABETH SLADEN ON 19 APR 2011; although famous for playing the part of Sarah Jane Smith in BBC 1's;Dr. Who series...she actually ALSO appeared in SIX EPISODES OF CORONATION STREET in 1970[eps 942/3/4/5/6 and 947]...playing a barmaid called Anita Reynolds; who worked at the Flying Horse..and who was a brief love interest of Len Fairclough!!

Cccc 022.jpg
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Vfrfv 001.jpg
Waynepix 015.jpg
Nhyhn 001.jpg

Vi /Ena item;sylvester collection

Bgtgbcd 004.jpg
Corrie 50.jpg
550w soaps corrie 50th white.jpg
550w soaps corrie 50th blue.jpg
Bgtgbgt 012.jpg
90 002.jpg
!BtsID5wB2k~$(KGrHqQOKjIEvOV3l9OoBL9By77uSg~~ 12.jpg
51yBqymeADL SS500 .jpg
Vi75 001.jpg
550w soaps florizel street imrie.jpg
Mazz 001.jpg
St25 002.jpg
OUR BETTY IS 90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LONG MAY SHE REIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!WS Sylvesterfan 00:18, May 22, 2010 (UTC)*I Voted ENA my favourite all-time character in recent 50th Anniversary poll!May 23, 2010.From my own Corrie Archives;WHY I DON'T LIKE PUBS;DORIS SPEED Interview 1980!!!01:19, June 16, 2010 (UTC)2 x NEW 50 YEARS OF...BOOKS OUT IN OCT 2010!

Bet press photo 1987 ep 2702.jpg


Being a fan of Coronation Street for almost 40 years...i was also employed by Granada TV on the tours in Manchester...and at the World Of Coronation Street Exhibition at Blackpool; i have also purchased 91 episodes from ITV that are not commercially available.I have vast amounts of original memorabilia; especially of my favourite character of all-time Ena Sharples[ Violet Carson OBE]; inc; Signed photos, letters, magazines and still images...!

By far my favourite episode of the EP 1710;Silver Jubilee 1977....favourite EP of the 1980s is...EP 2631;Rovers Fire 1986...and PICTURED[ Bet saucily winking...] is the favourite of the 1990s;Bet and Raquel's drinks party 1994/EP 3756....the 2000s is EP 4745b; Raquel and Curly two-hander = Ep only featured these two characters in an emotional brief reunion; 2 Jan 2000!

The 1960s favourite Episode....? well i have to admit the Silver Wedding of Jack and Annie Walker;EP 194;Oct 1962 is the funniest by far...poor Elsie gets trifle spilled down her 'borrowed' frock...and Ena pushes the boat out and wears a glittery hairnet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sylvesterfan 00:35, March 4, 2010 (UTC)

Annie Walker is definately my second-favourite character after Ena; i have again been fortunate enough to buy all her last eps from ITV; she disapeared from our screens when Doris Speed MBE fell ill in October 1983l.She sadly never returned, but i NEVER stopped missing her...and Bet's salute to Annie; by means of a framed photo of her in the Rovers back room was very apt!!!!!

The latest addition to my Corrie Memorabilia; is a set of FIVE rare TV Cards; featuring Ena, Annie and Hilda etc...!Circa; 1985.

It is exactly 30 years today since my fave all-time character Ena graced the cobbles of Corrie!;2/4/1980-2010.

The latest of my Corrie Press Photos arrived today; from Ep 2474; 17.12.1984.[added this image to Ep 2474 screencap!Sylvesterfan 17:12, March 18, 2010 (UTC)

The latest rumours of Cast returns is that Julie Goodyear and Sherrie Hewson are tipped for treading the cobbles once again!;15/3/2010.

Great to see the new Corrie 50th Birthday logos;PICS ATTACHED; 31/3/2010.Sylvesterfan 00:55, March 31, 2010 (UTC)

With the 50th Birthday looming...Nostalgia is everywhere for Corrie....i watched Elsie's departure/Len and Elsie; 2 clips that had the same dialogue;1st time in May 1963 and again...dubbed when Elsie was being nostalgic in June 1969.fabulous viewing;Elsie's Departing Taxi pic attached!!!!

Tony Warren ....the Genius Creator of The Street wrote many early scripts.....the latter scripts[see attached frame of P694/536] were fewer...but still as good!Tony has just written the Foreword for the 50 Years of.....Book;released 4/10/2010.Sylvesterfan 00:00, June 20, 2010 (UTC)

Two Brand New photographs showing actress Jessie Wallace as Elsie Tanner and Celia Imrie as Annie Walker in the new BBC4; Florizel Street; looks very authentic!!!!Sylvesterfan 12:46, July 2, 2010 (UTC)

Just Knew...ROAD TO CORONATION STREET would be So Wonderful...My time at Granada was such fun!!Sylvesterfan 23:14, September 16, 2010 (UTC)

With so much attention on the 50th Anniversary in December...i have just dug in to my Corrie Archives and found The Updated Streets Of Weatherfield Aerial Drawing from the Street's 25th Anniversary...although the Original Drawing done by artist Dave F Smith in 1976 was issued...the 1985 UPDATE;with residential list altered on CSt only... actually appeared in Number ONE issue of a [proposed] 24-weekly part magazine called THE STREET;by Granada/ORBIS Publishing.

alas only FOUR issues ever made it!!!WHICH SEEMS A GREAT SHAME REALLY!!!See Pic


Sylvesterfan 17:18, September 17, 2010 (UTC)

Well the 12 DVD disc set Celebrating 50 Years of Corrie has ONE THIRD of Episodes already released commercially...but there is TWO THIRDS of Episodes UNPUBLISHED COMMERCIALLY!!!!Still disapointed at OUR ENA[My all-time fave]...making the 28 spot in TOP 50 POLL on this set!!!BOO!Sylvesterfan 16:01, October 17, 2010 (UTC)[here is a rare early pic of Vi,Margot and Lynne to savour!!!!] The CORRIE 50 Fun continues....with Michelle Keegan and Craig Gazey on the Sunday Mirror Magazine cover;24/10/10...dressed has Hilda and Stan Ogden...and inside the mag...dressed has other past characters of the street!!!Pic attached[hopefully!]Sylvesterfan 23:07, October 24, 2010 (UTC)

GREAT TVTIMES; May 7-132011; feature on the return of DENNIS TANNER; see attached pic..surrounded by some of my Elsie Tanner items; signed pic/videos/dvd focusing on early Dennis era!!!;

ANOTHER VIOLET CARSON SIGNATURE: This Ebay Gem arrived in the post today!!!!!!!;WS 4/5/2011

Even 31 Years after her last appearance; i found myself watching blocks of episodes featuring my all- time favourite ENA SHARPLES yesterday; on my day off from work...especially a rare gossip scene with Mavis Riley in the Snug; from July 1979; See Pics!WS; 26/7/11.

Ena sups another milk Ep 1925.

Wavey Mavis....timidly asks Ena's advive in Ep 1925 fom 1979;WS 26/7/11.

550w soaps florizel street wallace.jpg

My favorite pages

Doris Speed and other members of the cast were invited to switch on the Blackpool Illuminations in 1983.

Coronation-Street-Blackpool-Illuminations-Switch-On;doris speed aug 1983 (3).jpg

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