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Current Cast Ranked

A personal ranking of all the current characters on Coronation Street. This list will exclude all characters under the age of 10 due to the characters having no identifiable personality traits.

  • 1: Rita Tanner: Rita Tanner/Littlewood/Fairclough/Sullivan is the ultimate Coronation Street character. She first appeared in 1964 after a one off appearance. She returned 8 years later and has been here since. Rita has a long history of failed relationships. Rita also has a history of fostering children, the likes of which include: Jenny Bradley and Sharon Gaskell. Rita spends most of her life either in The Kabin or in the Rovers Return. Here's to more years of the ultimate Corrie Character.

  • 2: Steve McDonald: "The most fertile man in Weatherfield", Steve Mcdonald is a iconic man who is one away from having more wife's than King Henry VIII. None of which have lasted more than 3 years. He looks like your average middle aged man. Fat and Bald. Oh and who could forgot those infamous Gurns. Never stop being you Steve.

  • 3: Roy Cropper: Who doesn't love Royston. His weird personality can be off putting but he cares about people and has taken many troubled people and under his wing and transformed them into better people. People who Roy has helped include, Becky McDonald, Carla Connor and Fiz Stape. Roy and his actor David Neilson became famous in the UK after marrying the first soap transgender, Hayley Patterson.

  • 4: Leanne Battersby: When Leanne and the rest of the Battersby family were introduced in 1997 they were met with controversy but in the end won over the viewers. Leanne was at the center of many storylines including a prostitution storyline, a abuse storyline from her adoptive son, Simon, and most recently a pregnancy storyline despite her thinking she could not have a child. She doesn't let anyone control her and does things her way.

  • 5: Audrey Roberts: Senior Platt is BEST PLATT! The Family may always in turmoil but when Audrey is around it seems so much less intense and she helps keep the family together. Originally Audrey turned up for family occasions but in the end became a recurring cast member which for the best.

  • 6: Todd Grimshaw: Todd may seem at odd choice for number six but here's why: When Todd returned in 2013 for some unknown reason he had become evil. He got worse when he was attacked and for some reason blamed Eileen. Even ruining her relationships. But when Pat returned to Weatherfield in 2016 Todd tried to tell Eileen that Pat was bad but Jason and Eileen didn't listen. Todd also started dating vicar Billy Mayhew. This relationship seemed to bring him back to the light side and since then he has been a better person.

  • 7:Sally Metcalfe: Sally is a iconic Corrie women. She is like many Strong Corrie ladies of the past. She dosent take crap from no one. She is a Councillor but she acts like she is Margaret Thatcher. That superiority that she thinks she has, is why I love her and hopes she never changes.

  • 8: Anna Windass: She is not afraid of anyone and stood up to Phelan when he returned despite what he had done to her. Once Liz has left Anna will be their to carry on the typecast of strong women.

  • 9: Craig Tinker: The kind hearted yougin' of the Tinker family. A hard upbringing didn't stop him from becoming a find young Gentlemen.

  • 10: Tim Metcalfe: With only 3 years on the show he has gone from the simple father of Faye to a comedy producing machine. Tim still has a heart of gold and his paring with Sally with a fantastic decision.

  • 11: Nick Tilsley: Nicky is a great character. That car crash was what saved him from being axed.
  • 12: David Platt: Good actor, love "Evil David" but really needs reduced screentime.
  • 13: Gemma Winter: Has great potential and is a riot to watch and who could forgot her hilarious fashion sense.
  • 14: Mary Taylor: Those random things she says is why I love her. I really wish they bring in her mother.
  • 15: Steph Britton: Steph is a great character. Originally she only appeared in a few episodes but was bought back because of the actresses acting ability.
  • 16: Kevin Webster: Kevin has been around since the 80s so I doubt he will be leaving anytime soon. The character is also incredibly likeable.
  • 17: Yasmeen Nazir: Head of the Nazir Clan and has this weird but wonderful personality. Truly a keeper.
  • 18: Eva Price: Beautiful, the one good Price.
  • 19: Liz McDonald: Feisty old Liz is never afraid of anyone.
  • 20: Billy Mayhew: Great decision to pair him with Todd and superb actor.
  • 21: Pat Phelan: The slimness of Pat is what makes him great. Hope his scam dosent drag on forever.
  • 22: Norris Cole: Funny little Norris, always getting his nose in. Sometimes he can be a bit ridiculous though.
  • 23: Ken Barlow: It wouldn't be Coronation Street without Ken. He will stay on till William Roache breaths his last breath.
  • 24: Gary Windass: The lovable rouge.
  • 25: Michelle Connor: She got a nice... uh...size to her.
  • 26: Kirk Sutherland: Kirk is such a comedic character but these days he seems to only make appearances with Beth.
  • 27: Fiz Stape: Good actress, can see her staying for a long time.
  • 28: Tyrone Dobbs: Lovable Ty. Hard upbringing but came out nice in the end.
  • 29: Emily Bishop: Its so heart warming to see Rita, Norris and Emily in Rovers together but with Emily unseen for 9 Months I fear she may be gone.
  • 30: Amy Barlow: Blanche Hunt reincarnated.
  • 31: Freddie Smith: The first good elderly cast member to be introduced since 2011.
  • 32: Luke Britton: Women love him but its obvious based on his number of appearances the writers don't seem to.
  • 33: Sarah Platt: Bit bland at some times but she cares about Bethany and Harry.
  • 34: Erica Holroyd: Great Character but criminally underused by the writers.
  • 35: Johnny Connor: Discount Mike Baldwin but still a great addition.
  • 36: Aidan Connor: Shayne Ward only got the part cos he is Celebrity. Not a shabby actor though.
  • 37: Jenny Bradley: Sally Ann Matthews is a amazing actress. Glad they bought her back, still isn't being used enough though.
  • 38: Gail Rodwell: Gail may have turned into a simpering old lady but when given a good script that dosent make her the village idiot, Helen Worth truly shines.
  • 39: Faye Windass: Young but has great talent. Her friendship with Craig is fantastic.
  • 40: Sharif Nazir: Yasmeen and Sharif are the perfect couple but Sharif can come off a bit dill compared to his wife.
  • 41: Robert Preston: I liked him in the early months but running the Bistro has turned him into a grumpy, obnoxious man.
  • 42: Beth Sutherland: She means good but is just a rubbish mum.
  • 43: Cathy Matthews: Will never replace Hayley but still likeable.
  • 44: Bethany Platt: A Brat turned victim. Nothing else.
  • 45: Eileen Grimshaw: Give her a true boyfriend (NOT Pat), she is so sad in every scene.
  • 46: Simon Barlow: Cute in the day. Ugly now but Decent at acting.
  • 47: Andy Carver: Good actor but seemingly lives in the Bistro.
  • 48: Sophie Webster: Bit annoying.
  • 49: Dev Alahan: Discount Ken Barlow.
  • 50: Sinead Tinker: Only nice Tinker other than our Craigy.
  • 51: Chesney Brown: Kind but somewhat boring.
  • 52: Kate Connor: Good actress but I doubt she will be around in 2 years time.
  • 53: Tracy Barlow: How does she not has a life sentence?
  • 54: Alex Warner: Gets the occasional funny line.
  • 55: Max Turner: Innocent little kid. Cant last too long if he is apart of the Platts
  • 56: Izzy Armstrong: Treated unfairly as a one-dimensional token character.
  • 57: Maria Connor: Silly girl, how does she trust Caz?
  • 58: Zeedan Nazir: Boring and a complete whiner. At least he can cook.
  • 59: Asha Alahan: At least she looks like Sunita.
  • 60: Aadi Alahan: Who?, oh that boy.
  • 61: Alya Nazir: Boring and that rubbish pregnancy storyline ruined her.
  • 62: Sean Tully: Obnoxious to the max. I don't dislike Sean because he is gay. Other Gay characters are fantastic.
  • 63: Michael Rodwell: Les Dennis is known for comedy, so why is Michael such a boar? Thank god he only makes the occasional appearance these days.