The day I was born: 2004 - Audrey Roberts is forced to sack granddaughter Sarah Platt from the Hair Salon for her tardy attitude, causing a rift between her and her family.

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• How Tina treated Kirsty: I know Tina was lodging with Tyrone in No.9. Then that brat (Kirsty) appeared at No.9. Do I agree with how Tina pushed Kirsty on Tommy's 20th birthday and Ruby's birthdate? If Tina & Kirsty hated each other, yes.

• How David treated his half-sister, niece and brother-in-law (Sarah, Bethany & Jason) in 2007: Well, A: You never hide drugs in a 7-year-old's doll. B: How worried Sick Gail, Jason and Sarah was. C: Never loosen a rail in the Builder's Yard! • My theory with Maria's first Pregnancy: I think Maria got pregnant in August. Since Maria didn't look like she was over 38 weeks! ♥

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