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  • I was born on February 1
  • My occupation is Student
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Wikia Biography

2018: First Edit

My first edit on this wikia was on 19th January 2018 when I changed the duration on Pat Phelan's infobox on his character page from "2013-2014, 2016 to present" to "2013-2014, 2016-2018".

2018-: Significant Contributions

PC Duffy

October 2018: Created page, included a significant amount of data that went onto the page, including a character infobox containing all the essential information about the character image linked the categories '2018 minor characters', 'Coronation Street characters' and 'Police officers' with the page: (Infobox for character: character name = PC Duffy, occupation = Police Constable, first appearance = 3rd October 2018, last appearance = 8th October 2018, number of appearances = 4, played by = David Maybrick) (Biography: PC Duffy is Ronan Truman's police informant, who tormented Ryan Connor in October 2018 after discovering his involvement in Cormac's death who was Ronan's son.) (List of appearances: Wed 3rd Oct (2), Fri 5th Oct (2), Mon 8th Oct (1), Mon 8th Oct (2))

Favourites Incompleted

Favourite Characters

No. Name Actor On-screen Duration
1. Rana Nazir Bhavna Limbachia 2016-2019
2.Kylie PlattPaula Lane2010-2016
3.Tina McIntyreMichelle Keegan2008-2014
4.Kayla CliftonMollie Winnard2018
5.Kate ConnorFaye Brookes2015 to present
6.Michelle ConnorKym Marsh2006 to present
7.Carla ConnorAlison King2006-2016, 2017 to present

Favourite Relationships

No. Pair Relationship On-Screen Duration
1.Kate Connor & Rana NazirRomantic2017-2019
2.Sophie Webster & Maddie HeathRomantic??-2015
3.Daniel Osbourne & Sinead TinkerRomantic2017-2019
4.David Platt & Kylie PlattRomantic2011-2016
5.Peter Barlow & Carla ConnorRomantic?? to present
6.Gary Windass & Sarah PlattRomantic??-2019
7.Luke Britton & Alya NazirRomantic2017-2018
8.Roy Cropper & Hayley CropperRomantic??-2014
9.Ken Barlow & Deirdre BarlowRomantic??-2015
10.Jack Duckworth & Vera DuckworthRomantic??-2008

Memorable Moments

No. Moment Date of Episode
1. Sinead Osbourne dies of cervical cancer 25th October 2019
2.Kate Connor and Rana Nazir propose to each other and accept each other's proposal5th November 2018
3.Kate Connor and Rana Nazir share their first kiss together15th November 2017
4.Rana Nazir talks about her feelings for Kate Connor at her flat13th October 2017
5.Kylie Platt gets stabbed by Clayton Hibbs, then dies in David Platt’s arms15th July 2016
6.Tina McIntyre dies in hospital after being beaten to death by Rob Donovan2nd June 2014
7.Neil Clifton refuses to admit what he did to Bethany, then Kayla Clifton disowns him27th July 2018
8.Kayla Clifton leaves Weatherfield after apologising to Craig Tinker when she tries to make amends27th July 2018
9.Sally Metcalfe is sentenced to jail after her bail is revoked19th September 2018

Saddest Exits

(PD means Producer's Decision meaning that the producer's decided to write the character out as apose to the actor quitting the show)

No. Name Actor PD / Quit Date of Exit Death / Left
1. Sinead Osbourne Katie McGlynn Quit 25th October 2019 Death
2.Kylie PlattPaula LaneQuit15th July 2016Death
3.Tina McIntyreMichelle KeeganQuit2nd June 2014Death
4.Kayla CliftonMollie WinnardPD27th July 2018Left


Childhood Lines

  • "Baba" - first word.
  • "Life is a bitch" - to Ahmed Khan commonly during our video chats.
  • "RING ME ASSHOLE!" - to Ahmed Khan on Skype Messaging on January 6, 2018.

Adulthood Lines

  • "FREE KIM!" - to the TV during Kim Butterfield's 'locked-in' storyline in Hollyoaks.
  • "NEETA!" - to the TV everytime I watch Hollyoaks.
  • "When you think you find the only one who can say you" - during my final performance in Creative Roots at Harrow Art Centre.
  • "Cause you make it real for me" - sang whilst listening to You Make It Real by James Morrison.
  • "Hey med" - to Ahmed Khan during video chat on Discord, when I couldn't be bothered to say his full name.
  • "My crazy Kim" - to myself as Kim Butterfield leaves Hollyoaks for good.
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