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  • I live in Pontiac, IL
  • I was born on July 25
  • I am m
  • Bio I'm an avid telly viewer, following chiefly contemporary drama from the UK and US, plus a few other countries. I also enjoy a selection of comedy, sci-fi, biography, period/literary and documentary.
    My main musical passion: Pet Shop Boys.
    Films of interest are usually independent, often eclectic; favourite directors include Terry Gilliam, Robert Altman, Ken Loach, Mike Leigh, Danny Boyle.
    Tom Hardy and Colin Farrell always get my attention.
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Episode 586 aired the day I was born.

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Ant Bacon


Network DVD sets


Began 3 a week with Friday added Episode_2981_(20th_October_1989)

Compressed end credits, reduced duration to 30secs Episode_3216_(22nd_April_1991)

Began 4 a week with Sunday added Episode_4096_(24th_November_1996)

Writer & director at front (and new font?) Episode_4704_(24th_October_1999)

The side-style credits were first used on the end of Episode 4946 (10th December 2000) which ran up until October 2002. - thanks Karen!

Double Monday eps started Episode_5335_(9th_September_2002), temporarily and occasionally.

ITV-style full blue screen credits came into effect on the end of Episode 5370 (28th October 2002).

Monday 25th August 2003 - Broadcasting of a permanent fifth episode each week began.

Double Friday eps began Episode 6728 (11th January 2008) in favour of regular Sunday eps.

Midweek ep changed from Wednesday to Thursday starting Episode_7125_(23rd_July_2009)

Midweek ep changed from Thursday back to Wednesday starting Episode 7948 (5th September 2012)


Episode 4941 (2nd December 2000) Isn't it odd that this episode was broadcast on Saturday, instead of them airing a Saturday episode a week after, which was actually the 40th anniversary of the series. 🤔 derekbd (talk) 16:54, May 2, 2019 (UTC)

hugs and kisses

I am a native Texan now living in Central Illinois. I began watching Corrie in 2000 when a friend copied off-air tapes he rented from a British grocery in Los Angeles. My best mate and I immediately became engrossed in the events of The Street ca. 1993. I managed to see most of the era up to sometime 1996 via the now defunct cable network TRIO. Through the wonder of the internet I have been able to see and archive most every episode from October 2002 to the present (as well a smattering of episodes from the past and of course the official "Best Of..." releases.) I long for the day ITV/Granada make it possible for us to see ALL of the episodes from the past.

Other obsessions include Pet Shop Boys, Doctor Who and Iain (M) Banks.

I welcome any correspondence relating to the above. Write me here or privately at

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