The Used Car Salesman interrupted an argument between Ken Barlow and Phil Jennings at his garage forecourt in 1990. Phil - accompanied by a heavy, Benny - had followed Ken there so that he could warn him over his continued harassment of Deirdre Barlow. In an otherwise empty forecourt, the salesman asked the men if he could help them, but quickly realised what was going on and backed away, telling his guests that if they wanted him he wasn't there.

The timid salesman remained out of view until Phil and Benny drove off, after which he asked Ken if he'd been a naughty boy. Pleased that he had a witness to Phil's threat, Ken tried to confirm the details with him as he scribbled down Benny's licence plate number, but the salesman replied that he hadn't seen any men, indicating that he was unwilling to get involved.

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