Trina Robson was a receptionist at Walmsley Croft Solicitors LLP of Weatherfield where Adam Barlow went for a job interview in February 2017. Recently arrived back from working for several years in Canada, Adam had found that his qualifications earned over there would not guarantee him employment in his home country and had looked for ways to circumvent the issue without actually putting in the hard graft of re-taking his exams.

Unable to obtain a loan to start up his own business from his grandfather Ken Barlow, Adam decided to resort to more nefarious means by using a drugs stash brought innocently into the country by Rosie Webster as his start-up capital. A problem arose however when his erstwhile partner Todd Grimshaw got cold feet, finding out that a blabbermouth like Rosie was involved. Adam had one more try at legal means and went for the interview, instantly attracting the attention of a bored Trina as he waited to be called in by partner Bernard Walmsley. She apologised for the wait, saying that he had a client coming in who he had to see as an emergency and Adam took the opportunity to flirt with her. When the client, Ronan Truman, arrived Adam was intrigued about him but Trina cited her confidentiality clause and refused to give any details, aside from saying he held wild parties.

Adam took Trina for a drink to Nick's Bistro where he pumped her for information about Ronan Truman and found out that he had been busted several times for drug-dealing in a major way but had got off on each occasion. Adam took her back to his flat for the night, and inspired by Truman's success with drugs, told Daniel Osbourne in passing that he had determined to "throw off the yoke of servitude" and be his own boss from now onwards.

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