Anthony John "Tony" Horrocks was the son of Natalie Barnes and Nick Horrocks. In 1995, Tony began working as an apprentice at MVB Motors alongside fellow mechanic Kevin Webster. A year later, Tony almost went into partnership with Don Brennan, who had bought the garage from Mike Baldwin, but later decided not to as Don wasn't doing well with business and had financial problems.

Tony had a brief relationship with local hairdresser Fiona Middleton, but broke off with her after she lied about visiting her ex-boyfriend Steve McDonald in Strangeways Jail. Tony later handed in his notice at the garage when arguing with Don, and went to work at Fast Fitters Exhaust Centre. He was later joined by Kevin after the garage went bust. The garage was later sold to Tony and Kevin by Don's ex-girlfriend Josie Clarke for £25,000.

In 1997, Tony accidentally ran over and killed Joyce Smedley when she ran in front of him while walking the dog. This caused Tony to be racked with guilt and swore never to drive again, getting his dad to take his car to the wreckers. Tony sold his share of the garage to his mother Natalie, and after saying farewell to Kevin left for Leeds.

However while away, Tony got himself into trouble when drug dealing and financial problems. In 1998 he returned to the street for his mother's wedding to Des Barnes, before leaving yet again. A month later he turned up on Natalie's doorstep needing help after owing drug dealers money. They turned up at the house and started to attack Tony, but Des attempted to help him and ended up being beaten up and put into hospital. The attack caused Des to later have a heart attack in hospital and die, leaving Natalie distraught. Angry at the trouble he brought, she disowned Tony and he left the street.

Unknown to anyone, Tony was beaten up and killed by drug dealer Jez Quigley a couple of months later, his body then dumped in the cellar of a building site. It wasn't until a year later his decomposed remains were found by Natalie's boyfriend Vinny Sorrell, which brought shock to her. Jez was suspected of being the killer but released due to lack of evidence. However Jez got his comeuppance when getting beaten up by Jim McDonald and later died, due to getting his gang to beat up Jim's son Steve.

First and last lines

"Hey, who's your bird's mate?" (First line, to Des Barnes)


"Mum..." (Final line)

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