Tom Elliott

Tom Elliott in a 1995 interview for The South Bank Show

Tom Elliott (12th October 1937 - 30th July 2017) joined Coronation Street as a storyliner in 1983 contributing 577 episodes in that role in the following stints:

He also acted as the programme's script editor for 274 episodes in nine stints as follows:

He wrote his first episode in November 1990. By the time he'd retired from the writing team in June 1997 he had scripted 72 episodes including one with his long-term colleague Paul Abbott. Two years later Tom returned to the Street to write two editions of the spin-off Coronation Street - After Hours. He has also written for ITV shows Emmerdale Farm and Children`s Ward.

Episodes written by Tom ElliottEdit


1990 (1 episode)

1991 (5 episodes)

1992 (11 episodes)

1993 (13 episodes)

1994 (5 episodes)

1995 (13 episodes)

1996 (15 episodes)

1997 (9 episodes)

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