Tom Casey was the owner of the Kevin Webster-managed Casey's Garage and father of Mark.

Casey's Garage came to be when Tom bought Tilsley's Garage in Albert Street from Gail Tilsley in March 1989. Gail had inherited the garage upon Brian's death and drove a hard bargain for it, insisting that Brian's assistant Kevin be kept on. Meeting Kevin, Tom was impressed that he'd been coping without any help for a few weeks and noted that he was a capable manager. He offered Kevin the job of garage foreman, though when Kevin questioned why his job wasn't guaranteed, Tom pointed out that he had other garages, including one where they just fixed tyres, that he could move him to. Kevin accepted, and in return Tom promised him a hired hand.

Three weeks later, help arrived in the form of Mark Casey, who Tom wanted to learn the ropes to build on his two years experience in other garages. As Mark was the boss's son, Kevin allowed him to skive off, but when Tom went to see how they were getting on only to find out Mark had gone away to pick up his girlfriend, he let rip at Kevin, telling him to treat Mark like any other employee. Kevin responded by sacking Mark, believing that he would never change, and refused Tom's request to reinstate him, threatening to leave himself if he forced the matter. Tom felt that he'd misjudged Kevin and was prepared to let him resign, but when Mark thanked Kevin for giving him the opportunity to laze around, Kevin took the lad back on and they eventually became friends.

Over a year later, Tom and his wife Jean celebrated Mark's 21st birthday with a lavish party at the Belstaff Hotel. The main gift - as Tom announced in his speech - was that he was going to transfer the garage into Mark's ownership. The news was a blow to Kevin, who was aghast at the role reversal. After Kevin accused Mark of knowing about the surprise in advance and not telling him, Mark let Tom know that was upset. Having thanked Kevin in his speech for showing Mark the trade and setting him up in life, Tom felt he had paid his dues to Kevin and didn't understand his anger, telling him that nothing was really changing as they were just mates working side-by-side. Kevin briefly left the garage over the issue, but he and Mark soon made up and they were able to salvage a good working relationship.

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