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Toby Chapman was the husband of Toyah Battersby.

Toby and Toyah married in 2011. The couple wanted a baby (though Toby already had children) but were unable to conceive even after five IVF cycles. By 2016, their marriage was falling apart and when Toyah went down south, she bumped into former acquaintance Peter Barlow and started an affair with him. On Christmas Day 2016, Toyah went to stay with her stepsister Leanne and told her that her marriage was over. The following day, Toby visited, hoping to patch things up, even though he knew she had been with her lover the night before - though not his identity. He admitted that he wanted to thump the man and believed their problems started when they went for IVF while Toyah thought Toby wasn't committed enough. Making it crystal clear that their marriage was over, Toyah ordered him to leave and she moved in with Leanne.

A month later, Toby returned to say that the fertility clinic they had used had been in touch with him to say that the period of time they had paid for to store their frozen embryos had come to an end and more money was needed. Toby felt that they should be destroyed but Toyah had just had an admission from an unwitting Peter to say that he didn't want any more children. As a consequence, she found herself unable to sign the form giving the permission that the clinic needed. Toby guessed from her reaction that her new man didn't want to commit to children and he tried to persuade her to give their marriage another chance. She almost gave in to his blandishments but found her resolve and repeated that her future was with Peter. She signed the form to destroy the embryos and Toby bitterly told her that she had used him and he wanted a proper woman who could be a mother instead of her. She screamed at him to leave and started to make arrangements to divorce him.

Toby took a taxi to Piccadilly Station and by coincidence it was one driven by Peter. Toby recognised him as a man he had punched the previous October, thinking he was coming on to Toyah, but he now realised that he was her lover. He told Peter that she had bled him dry with her baby obsession to the sum of £30,000 and warned him that she would do the same to him.

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