Aloysius "Tickler" Murphy was an Irishman who lodged with Minnie Caldwell at 5 Coronation Street for a short time from September to October 1964.

Early in 1964, Tickler was working in a factory but had hopes that he would go on to make a fortune. He was surprised when a missing wage packet was returned to him by Florrie Lindley, when it had accidentally been placed inside a box of goods sent to Florrie's shop in Weatherfield. Tickler wrote to Florrie to thank her and in September appeared at her door in Coronation Street to meet her. He persuaded Minnie Caldwell to take him in at No.5, where he shared a room with Charlie Moffitt.

Charlie was a comic at the local Viaduct Sporting Club and while Tickler also had an interest in showbusiness, he tended more to the managerial side and had an interest in wrestling. Later that month, he arranged a match at the club between Stan Ogden and Ian Campbell.

Florrie became especially fond of Tickler and harboured a desire for them to marry. Tickler's interest lay in the shop itself, and not Florrie, and when he realised that Florrie was hoping for a commitment, he fled the area, leaving Florrie heartbroken.

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